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X-Cart Referral Program

Do you promote X-Cart to your friends? We don’t want you to do it for nothing.
Refer customers and get X-Cart features for free.

Recommending X-Cart to a couple of friends, you can get, say, an addon or a support incident absolutely for free. Here is how it works.

How does it work?

  • Recommend X-Cart

    Share your 10% off referral coupon when you recommend X-Cart to your friend.

  • Make your friend a little happier

    Your friend buys X-Cart software with your referral coupon and gets the 10% discount.

  • Get your well-deserved reward

    The 10% commission from X-Cart software purchase goes to your account credit. You can use it to buy any products and services from X-Cart.


I prefer giving my friends a referral link rather than the coupon. Is it possible?

Absolutely. You can send them the link instead of the coupon. When your friends come to our website to buy X-Cart software from your unique referral link, the coupon will apply automatically.

Where do I get my referral coupon and/or the link?

Both are always present in your Help Desk account in section Referral program.

What products does the program apply to?

Your friend gets a discount and you get the commission if they buy X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 licenses, addons, templates, subscription-based modules (+ their renewals), X-Payments licenses and X-Payments subscriptions (+ their renewals).

Can my friend use the 10% referral coupon for one order only?

Yes, the coupon will work once for one person.

Will I get the 10% commission from my friend’s first order only?

No, not only the first order. You’ll get the 10% commission from all your friend’s orders within a year. Commissions are transferred only for the products that the program applies to.

What if my friend makes a refund?

We’ll debit your account for the amount you earned from their purchase.

I am a web agency/service provider. How can I make more $$ as your referral or affiliate?

If you want to become our partner and promote or sell X-Cart to your clients, or have any other questions about our referral program, please contact us at partners@x-cart.com. We’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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