FAQ: X-Cart Pro discontinued

FAQ: X-Cart Pro discontinued

On September 25th 2013 we’re discontinuing X-Cart Pro development as promised a year ago.

If your online store is powered by X-Cart Pro, you may leave the store as is, or exchange the license for X-Cart GoldPlus for FREE ( which only works if you don’t need a multivendor solution) or purchase a Pro-to-Platinum license upgrade. The 20% discount for this license upgrade is available till September, 25th.

These FAQs should help you to find out if you need to take any steps now or not. For your convenience the questions are clickable.

Questions and Answers

Q: What do you imply by «discontinued development»?

A: We will no longer provide any new versions of X-Cart Pro, nor will we develop ready-made patches ( bug-fixes, upgrade  patches and security patches) for Pro. You’re welcome to leave the current store as is, but be aware that the set of files available for this version now will be “˜frozen” at the current state.

At the same time commercial technical support, as well as free generic support WILL be available. Should any problem with you store appear (be it checkout, or registration, or adding products to cart, or whatever else), our engineers are at your service.

Q: What are my exchange options?

A: You can stay with your current version, or exchange the license for GoldPlus (for free) or Platinum (the regular cost is $500 but till September, 25 2013 you can order it with a 20% discount. To get your discount you need to contact our sales department). Note that the exchange of license is NOT the only step required. X-Cart Pro license. if I exchange the license to Gold, (not Gold Plus), which is cheaper, will you compensate the difference between Gold and Gold Plus?”>I have X-Cart Pro license. if I exchange the license for Gold, (not Gold Plus), which is cheaper, will you compensate the difference between Gold and Gold Plus?

A: No, we will not. X-Cart Gold Plus has more features, and given license exchange is free for you in both cases, why select the package with less modules out of the box? Still, if you have any strong reasons to exchange the license for Gold, not Gold Plus, we do not insist.

Q: I need a multi-vendor solution. Is X-Cart Gold Plus a multi-vendor one?

A: No, it isn’t. But X-Cart Platinum is.

Q: What’s the difference between Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum? Is there any demo?

A: You can study the features and compare Gold/Gold Plus/Platinum on this page: https://www.x-cart.com/pricing.html

You can also play with demos: https://www.x-cart.com/classic-demo.html

Questions? Please feel free to send them to sales@x-cart.com

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