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X-Cart 4
X-Cart 4
All orders go to the site owner.
Each provider gets orders only for his products. Respectively, after having placed a single order a customer gets separate invoices for the items supplied by each provider.
All payments go to the merchant account of the administrator.
All payments go to the merchant account of the administrator. The administrator can check the income of each provider at any time. The store administrator takes care of transferring funds to providers, controls the amounts due and actual funds transfers. Please note: X-Cart does not hold information on how much the administrator pays the providers. The deal is between the administrator and the provider.
The administrator fully controls the shipping.
The administrator controls the list of available shipping methods and specifies whether real-time shipping cost estimation is enabled or not. Each provider defines rates for user-defined shipping methods and specifies the origin location for real-time shipping cost estimation via carrier companies (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post).
The administrator fully controls the taxing system.
The administrator creates a list of tax types applicable to customer orders. Each provider assigns his or her own rates to the tax types which the store administrator has defined.
Support service
Available as extra paid service.
Professional support service is included into the packages.
from $195.00
from $1,795.00
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