X-Cart v4.4.0 released

Alexander Mulin
Alexander Mulin
, X‑Cart Senior Biz Dev and Head of X‑Payments

Dear X-Cart users!

We are excited to announce the release of X-Cart 4.4.0. Since the end of 2009 X-Cart team has been working to enhance the functionality and performance offered by X-Cart e-commerce software and finally you have a chance to experience the improvements introduced during this period. Our thanks to everyone who actively participated and provided feedback. Also a special thanks goes to all beta testers whose reports allowed us to make this version even better.

What’s new in X-Cart v4.4

Here is a list of major improvements done in X-Cart 4.4.0:

Design and Appearance

  • Admin area. X-Cart admin area looks completely different now, navigating it became easier.
  • One page checkout. There are now two checkout options – Fast Lane Checkout or One page AJAX checkout.
  • Sitemap. It is now possible to create a site map and make it available to customers. Use the Sitemap module to configure the contents and the look and feel of the site map page.
  • Product map. Customers can now view Product map, which includes all the products alphabetically. Only the products whose names begin with a specific letter can be viewed.
  • Google Maps. Admin can see shipping and billing addresses on the map.

Shipping and Payment modules

  • Integration with Checkout by Amazon
  • UPS and FedEx shipping modules have been updated to current API documentation.
  • Compatibility with ZIP+4 codes used in the US has been added.
  • The following payment modules have been added:
    • DIBS FlexWin
    • eWay UK (Hosted Payment Page)
    • SagePay Gp (Server integration)
    • Quantum Gateway In Line Frames API
    • Global Gateway Connect – EMEA (merchant payment form)
    • Global Gateway Connect – North America (bypassing the payment form)
  • The following payment module has been removed:
    • Quantum Gateway QGWdatabase Engine
  • The following payment modules have been renamed:
    • eWay Realtime Payments Shared –> eWay Shared Payment
    • eWay Realtime Payments XML –> eWay Merchant Hosted Payment
    • SagePay Form Protocol –> SagePay Go Form integration
    • SagePay Direct Protocol –> SagePay Go Direct integration
    • PayPoint.net SECPay payment page –> PayPoint.net Lite/Professional
    • PayPoint.net Metacharge payment page –> PayPoint.net Fast Track


  • All the add-on modules available for X-Cart 4.3 have been included into X-Cart 4.4 out of the box: X-Affiliate, X-Configurator, X-FeatureComparison, X-GiftRegistry, X-SpecialOffers, X-Magnifier and X-Survey
  • “My Account” page has been added to the customer area
  • Gift wrapping can now be enabled even if the Gift Registry module is disabled.
  • Email can now be used as login.
  • Customers can now use an Address book to manage their shipping and billing addresses.
  • Accept terms during checkout. Admin can ask customers to confirm they are accepting terms and conditions.
  • MailChimp module. Allows to use MailChimp service.
  • Providers/Sellers can register accounts in X-Cart PRO
  • and many minor improvements

Please read CHANGELOG for more details.