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PA-DSS validation for X-Payments 2 expired. Upgrade to X-Payments 3.

Alexander Mulin
Alexander Mulin Author

PA-DSS validation for X-Payments 2.x has expired and hence it cannot be used for new deployments. Following the requirement of new PA-DSS 3.1, we’ve released X-Payments 3.x. It has been successfully validated and now should be used for all new installations.

PA-DSS certification

Lost customers, damaged reputation of your business, huge fines from credit card brands and legal costs, inability to accept credit cards… These are just a part of consequences caused by breaches or cardholder data theft. This is why it’s so important to care of payment security.

So, how to find out if the way of accepting and storing credit cards used in your store is secure? This way should comply with Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) maintained by PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). This standard includes security requirements and assessment procedures for software vendors of payment applications. It’s constantly revised and updated, setting up new requirements to the applications.

PCI SSC also maintains a list of Validated Payment Applications and revalidates them each year to make sure they continue to be PA-DSS compliant.

X-Payments is no exception and this summer we’ve released a new branch (3.x) that has been certified according to PA-DSS 3.1.

It’s foregoer, X-Payments 2.x, was certified under obsolete PA-DSS 2.0 and its validation expired on September, 28th. According to the requirements of PCI Security Standards Council, new deployments and license sales of X-Payments 2.x are prohibited starting from September, 28th.

So, it’s only X-Payments 3.x that can be used for all new deployments until October 2019.

What does it mean for X-Payments users?

If you are a subscriber of a Hosted X-Payments plan, you can

  • continue using the current version;
  • have it upgraded to the latest 3.0.2 version. To request X-Payments upgrade create a ticket in your HelpDesk account. X-Payments support team will do it for you for free within one business day.

If you are an owner of a downloadable X-Payments license of version 2.x or 1.x and

  • you already have X-Payments installed and currently use it for processing payments, — you can continue using it;
  • you plan a new installation of X-Payments, — you should first exchange your license to X-Payments 3.x and then install it;
  • you want to upgrade your existing X-Payments installation (1.x or 2.x), — you should exchange your license to X-Payments 3.x and upgrade your X-Payments. If you’re going to do it yourself, follow these instructions. To have it upgraded by our support team, create a ticket in your HelpDesk account to get a quote.

X-Payments 2.x to X-Payments 3.x license exchange costs $389 and X-Payments 1.x to X-Payments 3.x license exchange is $778. You can purchase it in your HelpDesk account — ‘Buy products/services’ section or send a request to to have one of our sales reps assist you.

Alexander Mulin
Alexander Mulin Payments Sr. Product Manager at X-Cart, a Seller Labs company

Alex is Payments Sr. Product Manager at X-Cart, a Seller Labs company. His other two passions are ice hockey and history.

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