Totally revamped X-Cart hosting: twice as powerful, as before, and at a half price

Ksenia Emelyanova

Good news, everyone! Well, really, the news IS good: we have been offering the hosting services for many years, but now the plans are attractive as never before: not only have we improved the characteristics of the existing plans (enlarged Disk Space and Bandwidth, VPS instead of shared hosting, SSD instead of HDD), but also rolled our several more plans, including a “Starter” plan of a Standard lineup and 3 High Volume Plans.

More options, more power, more security

Every store is now hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), with the plans being very scalable: you can easily and seamlessly switch to the higher plan with a growth of your business. You really have many options to choose from :

  • Memory: from 512MB to 64GB
  • Processor: from 1 Core to 20 Cores
  • SSD disk space: from 20GB to 640GB
  • Bandwidth: from 1Tb to 9Tb

There are several obvious advantages of the new infrastructure:

  1. Security – each VPS is an isolated system, with its own OS, PHP and MySQL instance. Even if one store is hacked, all the other clients hosted on the same physical machine will remain safe and sound, as the hacker gains access to a single Virtual Private Server account.
  2. Isolation from the activity of others on the same host – If another user on the same physical server is misbehaving, this will have little to no impact on your VPS service. If their activities crash their server, they do not crash yours. In fact, only their virtual machine crashes: this has no impact on the physical server on which the virtual machines are run.
  3. No server resources sharing. Unlike to shared hosting, where a single resource-hungry website can consume all the server memory, and thus slow down all his neighbours, every store gets exactly the number of server resources his plan implies.
  4. SSD disks are known to be several times faster than outdated Hard Disk Drives many hosters still use. ALL new plans imply using an SSD, and together with dedicated resources of the server, it guarantees the optimal performance and excellent speed of your e-commerce website.
  5. Server location is closer to you or your target audience. We can offer the servers in several different data centers across the Globe: West Coast of the US – San Francisco East Coast of the US – New York Europe – London, Amsterdam Asia – Singapore

Compare the old and new infrastucture: load tests for X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5

We’ve taken the most popular plan – “Standard” – and ran several tests to estimate the improvement of speed – we were certain that the figure will be impressive and the screenshots below demostrate that we were right. We measured the page load time and went on to perform a load test with up to 100 simultaneous customers – to see how the bundle of hosting+software can handle the actual demands of your army of end users.

How it affects the existing users hosted with X-Cart?

Most of the stores hosted by X-Cart have already been transferred to the new environment and seen the significant improvement of speed. The rest will be transferred in the nearest future. The existing users of plans “Standard” and “Basic” are being switched to the updated plans with the same name and cost. At the same time, they’re getting 30 GB (vs 10 earlier) and 40GB(vs 20 on a previous plan) of Disk Space, accordingly. There’s a a win in bandwidth, too: 1TB (vs 50 GB before the switch) and 2TB(vs old 100GB) is what these guys are getting.

The users of the “Ultimate” plan will keep paying $149.95/ mo, and will be moved to a new Standard plan with X-Cart support included. Should you be interested in upgrading to the Enhanced plan, please let us know.

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