X-Payments 2.1.3, updated X-Cart 4 connectors and x-payments.com

Placeholder X-Payments 2.1.3, updated X-Cart 4 connectors and x-payments.com

Greetings to all those interested in the PCI compliant payments processing with the support of tokenization, subscriptions and cards saving! I’m here with a bunch of news. First of all, X-Payments 2.1.3 is available. Actually, we released 2.1.2 a week before, but we found a couple of minor issues (typos, small UX troubles) and released 2.1.3 to provide you with the most updated X-Payments version available at the moment.

What’s new in X-Payments 2.1.3?

The most interesting changes are:
  • Tokenization for PayPal PayFlow PRO implemented – great for PCI compliant credit card saving for new orders and subscriptions
  • Native PayPal PayFlow PRO fraud screening added
  • PayPal vs X-Cart discounts issue has been fixed
  • UK Sage Pay now supports tokenization for non-Captured yet or Voided transactions.
  • Order number now submitted to Authorize.net CIM via X-Payments
  • Kount integration improvements (see more about Kount fraud screening solution here).
  • SecurePay Australia integration updated to support its new API
  • pre-Auth transaction type for iTransact added
  • NetRegistry Australia integration has been updated
  • iFrame templates became friendly to iPads, iPhones and MacBooks running latest Apple’s operating systems iOS 8.x and Yosemite
  • iFrame template issues for PCs with enlarged DPI fixed
  • X-Payments no longer stops processing payments if disk space is full and it has no place to write log files.
  • Old logs are replaced with new ones after configured period of time
  • A new shop setting added – “Cancel not captured” – it controls whether or not to void automatically the “auth only” payments not captured in 30 days. Enabled by default.
  • other bug-fixes and minor improvements

How to get X-Payments v2.1.3?

  • Users of X-Payments hosted plans – just submit us a ticket with request of a free upgrade, and we’ll take care of it.
  • Users of X-Payments v2.x Enterprise licenses ( that is former “X-Payments Downloadable), please check the “File Area” section of your HelpDesk account, the new version of X-Payments, as well as an upgrade script, is available there.
  • User of X-Payments v1.x downloadable license – you need to buy XP v1 -> v2 license exchange available in the “Buy products and services” area of your HelpDesk accounts to get access to the updated package and all its features.

Up-great X-Payments Connectors as well!

To enjoy all the new features of X-Payments v2.1.3, the users of X-Cart 5 will just need to upgrade their stores to v5.1.11 or later, and the Connectors will be updated automatically. X-Cart 4.x users should update their X-Payments connectors, see details below.  

The rest of the article is for the users of X-Cart 4 Classic only

Besides releasing a new version of X-Payments we’ve also updated X-Cart 4.x Connectors for X-Payments and have a time-limited special deal for all those who run X-Cart 4.x based online stores.

Special deal for X-Cart 4 based online merchants

  If you use X-Cart of versions 4.1.0-4.6.6, buy a new annual X-Payments Basic, Pro or Multistore subscription before April 1st 2015, and we will update your X-Payments connector to the latest version free of charge.

What’s new in X-Cart 4 connectors?

  • When the saved credit card is used to place a new order, the connector passes the proper order id via X-Payments for payment methods where it is supported
  • The issue with ordering gift certificates is fixed
  • The actual customer’s IP is now stored in order details for further fraud checking
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements are implemented
The latest X-Cart 4.7.0 comes with the updated connector aboard, the users of the previous versions should upgrade their X-Payments Connector modules by installing it over the old ones or contacting our techs for help.  

Download updated connectors for X-Cart 4 Classic


x-payments.com launched

X-Payments keeps growing, so we came to conclusion that for marketing reasons it needs its own website – x-payments.com! Does it really change something for you as a current user of X-Payments? No, it doesn’t, everything remains absolutely the same for you. Being the Product manager of X-Payments, I’m just happy and proud to share the news about this step forward.

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