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Help & Docs

From user forums and FAQ’s to videos and manuals, we offer an expansive range of materials to help you make the most of your X‑Cart experience.

Knowledge base:
5.x or 4.x

The hardcore technical stuff: X‑Cart 5.x or X‑Cart 4.x user manuals, release notes, modules, videos and more.

Developer documentation

See the tutorials and documentation about X‑Cart store customization. Start from the “Getting Started” for developers.

Ideas & Suggestions

Share your ideas about how to make X‑Cart 5 better

Community forums

Discuss X‑Cart 5 solution with other users


Everything you always wanted to know about X‑Cart but were afraid to ask, so someone else did for you. 😉


Help from our XTreme Support Team (only for registered clients, so sign up already!).

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