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Free Edition
Lifetime license
Small newcomers
Our entry-level product, get all essential features you need to start your online store
  • Responsive Design. Theme Tweaker with Color Schemes
  • Product Options and Combinations. Custom Product Attributes
  • Cloud Search
  • Featured Products and Bestsellers
  • SEO-Friendly Catalog
  • Social Commerce Sharing
  • Flyout Categories menu
  • International and Multilingual Support
  • Webmaster mode
  • Newsletters
  • 75+ Payment gateways
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Lifetime license
Mid-sized and growing businesses
More features and capability for larger shops, including best X‑Cart extensions
  • Free Edition features
    All features
    Product Variants
  • Downloadable Products
  • File Attachments
  • Cross-Sales, On Sale and New Arrival Products
  • Discount Coupons and Volume Discounts
  • Sign-in Via Social Media (Facebook or Google)
  • Product Filters
  • Feature Comparison
  • Free Shipping
  • Product reviews
  • Multicurrency
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Access Levels and Memberships
  • Order Editor
  • Content Delivery Network
View FREE modules the package includes
Lifetime license
Online Marketplace solution
Multiple vendors can sell their own products through a single storefront
  • Business Edition features
    All features
    The module can work in two different modes: Warehouse/Vendors as separate shops.
    The goods are shipped from a single place, so admin specifies the single ship-from address, configures shipping methods and rates. The shipping method is selected by buyer once per checkout. All orders are managed by administrator.
    The vendors have «read-only» access to the orders containing their goods.
  • Vendors as separate shops
    Vendors have their own ship-from addresses and setup shipping methods. If the cart contains goods from several vendors, the products are grouped by vendor, and buyer selects shipping method for each group separately, and only after that proceed with payment. After payment, several orders are created, with the vendors seeing the orders, containing their goods only.
    The vendors manage their orders: edit, change statuses, add tracking info
  • In both modes:
    Buyer pays just once: for the entire order, even it contains the goods by many vendors
    Admin defines the commissions for prоviders
    Payments can be sent directly to providers via PayPal Adaptive Payments
    The vendors can create products, add coupons and discounts for their products
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Lifetime license
Top features plus top support
Great choice for extra smooth launch and run
  • Multivendor features
    All features
    Abandoned Cart Reminder
  • ProductFeeds
  • Banner System
  • Exit offers
  • Loyalty Program
  • WordPress integration
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Rich Google Search Results
  • Shop By Brand
  • Call For Price
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Antispam
  • My Wishlist
  • X-Payments-Hosted
    Premium Support
  • X‑Cart Installation
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Heart of Midlothian
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Try our Classic Solution

We have been developing and perfecting our good old X-Cart v.4 Classic for 14+ years. One of the fastest eCommerce solutions ever. Extremely flexible. With tons of features.

Questions and Answers

Do you charge any transaction fees?

No. We do not have any transaction fees.

What about lifetime license and upgrades?

Commercial Editions (Business, Multivendor, Ultimate): The price includes a lifetime license and one year of free access to new versions. After the first year, if you want to keep receiving the upgrades, you will need to pay the annual subscription fee. A special lower rate is available within one month after expiration of your access to upgrades, after that a regular rate applies. If you don’t subscribe to the upgrades, you may still use your lifetime license as long as you need, however the store will be «frozen» in its current state.

Free Edition: You’re getting a lifetime license and free core upgrades within this package.

X-Cart EditionLicense PriceAccess to upgrades: Special Low PriceAccess to upgrades: Regular Price
FREE EditionFreeFreeFree

Can I purchase other services AFTER ordering X-Cart?

You bet! If you originally purchased X-Cart without ordering additional services, you can always add on services later.

If I only purchase one X-Cart license, am I able to use it for more than one website?

Sorry, but no. You will need to buy shopping cart license for each site you build with X-Cart. View our licensing agreement here for more information.

If I purchase an X-Cart product, can I upgrade to a different edition in the future?

Absolutely! If you exchange your license, we will deduct the price of your original product from the cost of the new edition. Just, contact us

I have several different domain names pointing to the same site. Do I need to purchase multiple licenses?

No. You can have several different domain names pointing to the same site with the same content under one license. Read an explanation of the ONE-LICENSE-ONE-STORE RULE at Appendix B

I want to upgrade my X-Cart 4 to the latest X-Cart 5 version. What do I do?

You have a couple of choices to buy shopping cart updates. Please, refer to upgrade path for available options. Find the answers to other common questions about X-Cart

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