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Hello, I’m Kevin Byrd from Collectibles of the Game.

I am the owner of the eCommerce business and I am responsible for making key decisions and the ordering of products. If management feels the need for a new function to be implemented on our eCommerce website then they discuss it with me and then I work with X-Cart on the customization project.

I have always been involved in the sale of sports-related merchandise and when online shopping started to grow I saw the opportunity for a high growth licensed sports apparel business.

A lot of our competitors just concentrate on local markets or specific sports teams. We sell products online from every professional American sports team, most top colleges, and are expanding into international professional sports.

The best feature of our online store is the ability to customize the eCommerce site to meet your needs. The out of the box solution is great but every business has different requirements and with X-Cart shopping cart customization has never been a problem.

In this business, it is important to be able to do quick customization to your website and have technical support readily available. The X-Cart support department has always responded promptly and made adjustments to server settings when needed. They have also offered suggestions to increase the performance of our eCommerce website. In regards to hosting and X-Payments, the service has been outstanding.

With X-Cart you receive top notch customer service at an affordable price so it was an easy decision to go with X-Cart eCommerce shopping software solution.

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