Orthotic Shop

I am the president of the company. My role consists of everything technology related, buying inventory, adding listings to the site, accounting, working with marketing companies and dealing with any customer service issues my team cannot handle. When it is a busy time of the year, I answer customer service emails every-night.

Back in 2004, I was working with a podiatrist and he mentioned selling Orthotics online. In 2005, OrthoticShop.com was created and I have been adding new products ever since. A short article about my business was published in DBusiness, Detroit’s premiere business journal.

I’m sure what makes my store unique is the great customer service. We have a totally in-house customer happiness center that deals with emails, live chat, phone calls and returns. The ability to adapt to new technologies without ridiculous expenditures is nice too. My background is computer science and software engineering. I chose X-Cart as an eCommerce platform for the online store and rate highly the software being totally customizable. PHP is great language to use and is what I am familiar with.

I have Amazon payments set up on the store which works great. I had it backported to XC 4.1.12 by the X-cart team. Some things needed to be adjusted and since I know software and PHP, it was easy to debug. The benefit is that it lets customer check out quickly. We sell a lot on Amazon so if an Amazon customer reaches out to our site for instance to return an item, they would be more willing to buy something since we accept Amazon payments.

Website: www.orthoticshop.com

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