Support: ticket processing

To get support assistance, a customer should open a new discussion thread devoted to some certain issue. To do this, you should:

  • Enter your HelpDesk account, go to “Communication center” page;
  • Click on the “Create a new ticket” button;
  • Choose a type of your question “Tech support question”;
  • Choose the involved license(s) from the “Licenses” section;
  • Fill in the the “Brief description” and the “Message” fields;
  • Click on “Send” button under the message.

When the message is posted, it’s put to the queue of “Submitted” tickets. Our dispatchers will classify the new ticket and assign it to some technical support engineer. After the engineer answers, the ticket obtains the status “In progress”. The discussion goes on till the solution is found.

After the customer have confirmed that the problem is solved, the ticket may be closed by the support engineer or the customer himself.

If the customer sends no feedback on the solution for quite a long time, the ticket is set to the “Pre-Closed” status. The customer receives a notification about ticket status change; if he/she still does not post any comments, in 3 days the ticket is closed.

The closed ticket obtains the “Resolved” status. After that, however, customers have 14 more days to test the solution and reopen the ticket if some revision of the same issue is needed.