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X-Cart is an eCommerce platform that’s agile and scalable.We help hundreds of businesses scale and thrive for the long term.

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  • 20+ years
    of building online stores
  • 24/7 quality
    customer support
  • API-driven
  • In-house
    development team

Tools to unlock your eCommerce potential

Sell anywhere from one place

We’ll help you develop an efficient omnichannel approach by syncing the inventory, cash flow, and logistics operations to manage all sales channels with a single admin window.

Expand on a global scale

Localize your eCommerce store for international buyers and tap into new markets within the U.S. and beyond.

  • 40+ translation packages
  • 200+ countries and 25 currencies to sell in
  • 120+ payment gateways
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Make your website stand out

Create a user-centric web interface with a clear navigation layout and mobile-friendly storefront templates to ensure the ultimate customer experience. Our in-house design team will guide you through free themes and premium templates or create a unique custom-made website design and tailor your brand visuals to communicate your brand personality. Learn more

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Leverage customization

Design a custom storefront with the X-Cart Storefront API, add new functionality, and integrate the desired services and applications seamlessly. Gain more control over the website’s frontend side by using the tech stack of your choice to create a high-performance and cost-effective online store while saving on development costs.

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Promote effectively

Utilize powerful SEO and marketing tools to build solid brand awareness, draw in more potential buyers, and convert them into loyal customers. Create effective email marketing campaigns, and integrate social media platforms to actively interact with the audience while selling online on multiple sales channels.

Fuel data-driven growth

We provide powerful analytic tools to help you streamline order management by tracking crucial business metrics, revealing your eCommerce store’s strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately turning your real-time insights into action.

Perform better with expert assistance

With more than two decades of experience in eCommerce, we know the nuances of running an eCommerce business and are glad to share expertise.

  • 24/7 client-oriented customer support
  • Knowledge base, software documentation, and industry insights through the expert content;
  • Personalized migration service and guided launch

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Don’t take our word for it. Our customers will say it better.

Business performance at your fingertips

The explicitly designed automotive-specific themes fit any screen size, support the Year/Make/Model navigation, and are highly customizable.

  • 99.99% website uptime
    Our web hosting services are PCI-compliant, custom configured and meticulously maintained to ensure faster page load speed, full-scale security, and maximized uptime. 
  • High-volume SKUs
    X-Cart does not restrict the number of SKUs and provides native faceted search functionality to maximize product search accuracy and simplify website navigation for your customers.
  • Custom design creation
    Our content design experts will help you design an adaptable, user-friendly interface that will represent your business industry accordingly.
  • 100% PCI-DSS compatible payments
    We are constantly working to make PCI compliance easy for your business, so we’ve developed X-Payments, the PCI Level 1 Certified platform, to provide an extra layer of protection between your store and the payment gateway.
  • Multiple add-ons and integrations
    Connect the pre-built functionality with powerful third-party apps designed to enhance your digital marketing efforts, automate inventory management, streamline shipping processes, and sync internal business operations, ultimately succeeding in a highly competitive eCommerce space.

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  • Boundless customizations
    Before starting a new development project, we conduct extensive research into the eCommerce strategy to identify all the possible options and select the one that best aligns with your business objectives.

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At X-Cart, we are committed to delivering support and resources to help you achieve your business goals.Beyond providing a shopping cart solution, we lay a firm foundation for scaling and growing your eCommerce business.

Resolve your top eCommerce challenges today

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  • Why choose X-Cart for your eCommerce website?
  • X-Cart is an open-source API-driven eCommerce solution built to fit the evolving needs of the eCommerce industry. Due to the highly adaptable architecture and powerful customization capabilities, you can painlessly adjust your online store to your business initiatives and turn a small business into a thriving multichannel retail company.


  • Does X-Cart charge monthly fees for transactions?
  • Absolutely not. X-Cart doesn’t charge any hidden or per transaction fees.


  • How secure are X-Cart stores?
  • X-Cart doesn’t store your customers’ credit card details. Instead, it offers a bunch of PCI-compliant third-party payment gateways that can securely handle customer financial data on your behalf and ensure smooth and secure payment processing. Additionally, merchants can use our X-Payments solution, hosted on a reliable and PCI DSS-compliant web hosting that ensures customer finance data encryption through SSL certificates.


  • How can I promote my online store with X-Cart?
  • X-Cart offers various tools and features to grow brand awareness, strengthen online presence, and improve customer loyalty. We’ve covered you, from powerful SEO tools and email marketing to coupon giveaways and abandoned cart recovery (and many other native marketing tools!).


  • How much does X-Cart cost?
  • X-Cart offers different paid plans (aka packages) for its Platform, Marketplace, and Automotive business solutions. Pricing starts at $199 / month, $399 / month, and $499 / month accordingly. The project’s final cost depends on your GMV and whether your project requires customization of the default functionality. If your GMV doesn’t exceed XX per year and you don’t need any custom features developed, you will only pay the above mentioned per-month amount.


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