X-Cart Affiliate Program

Easy way to earn money by recommending X-Cart to your audience.
Earn up to 15% of everything your leads spend with us!

How does it work?

  • Sign up & get your affiliate ID

    All you need is a live account at https://secure.x-cart.com. Your Affiliate ID is already there. Have you ever purchased anything with us? If yes, you have such an account, just check Affiliate menu for Affiliate ID. No account yet? Register, it’s free!

    Get your affiliate ID

  • Spread the word

    Place ads on your website and share your affiliate link in discussions, blogs, tweets, anywhere.

  • Get paid

    Once a merchant signs up from your link, you get up to 15% of all his future orders.

Who is it for?

  • Online marketers
  • E-commerce experts
  • Bloggers
  • Web design firms

Need help? Just let us know

We know that creating referrals is hard work and we are in touch at affiliates@x-cart.com if you need any kind of help. You can also review our affiliate agreement.


How does it work?

The simplest way is to cut & paste a banner or a link code into your website page or email message. That’s it – whoever clicks that link and buys anything from us within 6 months is credited to you. With printed and word of mouth advertising you give your affiliate id, which is to be typed in during purchase with us.

What are commission rates?

You earn an affiliate commission according to the following rate schedule:

Products / ServicesInitial ordersSubsequent orders
X-Cart 4/5 license15%15%
X-Payments license15%15%
Design/SPD services10%5%
Subscription-based modules (+ renewal)15%15%
X-Payments subscription (+ renewal)15%15%
Hosting subscription (+ renewal)7%7%
Tech support (+ renewal)7%7%
Premium tech support (+ renewal)7%7%

What are the payment options for commission?

  1. We can send your commission upon your request via bank transfer (wire transfer expenses are deducted from the sum of the commission) or PayPal within 30 days after the cleared sum of your commission exceeds the minimum transfer amount.
  2. You can use your commission to purchase the software and services offered by our company. To pay by your commission please contact our sales representatives.

What is the minimum transfer amount?

It is economically ineffective to transfer very small sums via bank transfer. Therefore commission is credited to your account until they reach the minimum transfer amount. After the sum of your commission reaches or exceeds the minimum transfer amount we will transfer you the commission within 30 calendar days’ period on your request. The minimum transfer amount is USD 300.

What is commission clearance?

To protect credit card holders and prevent affiliate system abuse we will withhold payment of referral fees until they are cleared. All orders for the previous month are automatically cleared on the 25-th day of the next month.

I’m currently your client and have an account in the members area. How can I signup for an affiliate program?

If you already have a member account you should use a special signup link inside your account. This will prevent you from having separate member and affiliate accounts.

Do I have to wait until my commission reach the minimum transfer amount before I can pay with my commission for your products or services?

No. Any positive credit (cleared commission) can be used for purchasing our goods and services. If the credit for your commission is not enough to pay for the product or service you wish to order you can partially pay for order with your credit and the rest of your sum with your credit card.

Will my commission be transferred automatically to my bank account after they reach the minimum transfer amount?

No. You should login to your Affiliate account and request credit transfer. We will send you money transfer within 30 calendar days from your request. Please make sure your credit has reached the minimum transfer amount before you request payment.

What about product returns?

If a user returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

Who gets the credit if the customer followed more than one affiliate link before placing the order?

The affiliate whose link the customer clicked first gets the credit in this case. If you wish to make sure that credit for a particular order goes to you, please have the customer type in your affiliate ID while placing the order.

Can I direct customers to a particular page on your web-site?

Yes. For example, if you wish to land your traffic on X-Cart feature list https://www.x-cart.com/ecommerce-solutions.html

You need to make the following link:


Where you replace [AFFILIATE_ID] with your actual affiliate ID.

The same works for any other page of https://www.x-cart.com website.

I wish to land my traffic on a co-branded page on X-Cart website to improve conversion. Is it possible?

Yes. Please send a request for it to your affiliate account with our helpdesk system. Note that we might decline your request depending on your performance.

I am a hosting provider. How can I make more $$ as your affiliate?

You can include X-Cart as a software available for your customers within your hosting plans along with other software packages you offer. There is X-Cart package at Softaculous. We can create special versions of the plugins for your company where all links to our web-site contain your affiliate id. This means after you setup the plugin into your hosting management panel you will be credited for any new sale of our software made by your customers who deployed our software.