Pick the Language for your X-Cart 5 Store with 30 New Translation Modules

Pick the Language for your X-Cart 5 Store with 30 New Translation Modules

It’s not a secret that X-Cart is widely spread around the different continents of the globe. There are X-Cart ecommerce websites in about 111 countries. So, we care about you and your customers and try to make your communication with them easier by giving everyone a chance to speak the same language.

We have released a FREE Dutch translation module, developed by X-Cart Community and kindly shared with all of us by one of the X-Cart users, absolutely free of charge. Guess, some of you have already installed it successfully and tired it out in your online store.

Now we are excited to announce that there are 30 more new translation modules available in our marketplace. An X-Cart partner and developer “Xcart Language Packs” has issued 30 language modules so that you can choose the most suitable language for your X-Cart 5 ecommerce store and increase the number of clients from all over the world. Each package includes the translation of both the Storefront and the Administrator Area.

By the way, you are welcome to create your own X-Cart 5 translation module and share it with us in exchange for an X-Cart Business license. Just upload a CSV file, a module icon, its description and get a complete language package as a result. Please, use this X-Cart form to create your translation module.

Visit our marketplace and choose the language pack you need or just check out all the rest new modules there developed by the X-Cart team and by our partners, e.g. Minimum Order Fee, Hidden Products, Video and Content Testimonial, Order Prefix/Suffix.

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