5.2.5: Export/Import of product reviews, POLi Payments, SOFORT Banking, EBS-India, HTML tags in language variables and more

5.2.5: Export/Import of product reviews, POLi Payments, SOFORT Banking, EBS-India, HTML tags in language variables and more
5.2.5: Export/Import of product reviews, POLi Payments, SOFORT banking, HTML tags is language variables

Reviews Export/Import, Moving categories, Layout management

When you login to the admin area, first of all, you will notice that:
  • Product Reviews Export and Import support is added
  • Categories hierarchy can now be re-arranged by selecting another parent category
  • Skins and layout management page was rearranged to become more user-friendly
Export/import product reviews Change parent category Manage themes and layouts with pleasure

HTML tags in language variables

In a previous version, we implemented the trimming of HTML tags in language variables. For the sake of security, of course. After receiving your feedback we reconsidered this paranoid security behaviour and changed it as follows:
  • HTML tags in language variables are back =)
  • You may also embed videos in product descriptions
  • But we recommend that you open config.php file and list the trusted domains you can embed videos from.

Improved orders search and transactions search

  • The advanced options of the orders search now include 3 additional criteria: Customer name, Customer zip/postal code and Payment transaction ID. Just expand the search bar to see them.
  • Payment transactions search has been improved too: you can now find them by Customer zip/postal code, Customer name and the id of the transaction itself.
Orders: Advanced search options Transactions: Advanced search options

ShippingCalc by AuctionInc: automatic 30days trial for free

The ShippingCalc module is now available and enabled by default in all X-Cart 5 stores starting from version 5.2.5. In simple words, by registering for one account with AuctionInc you enable your customers to have access to instant comparative shipping rates from multiple carriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS). Check out the benefits it brings you and learn more about this convenient service in this article of our blog.
The free trial API allows the module to work without registering an account with them. After the 30 days trial period is over, or if you decide to get access to premium subscription-based features earlier, follow the “signup” link to provide your personal and business details and get an account for as low as $19.95/mo.  

New Payment Gateway Integrations

Are you located in Europe? Receive payments via SOFORT Banking payment system Integration Module. Your customers pay with their familiar online banking details. Thanks to confidential online banking login details and confirmation code, that means maximum security. Thanks to the real-time transaction confirmation you receive, you can dispatch the goods to your customers immediately.
If you’re an Indian merchant, you have a new payment option available: EBS India. This is a payment processing provider in India with PCI DSS Level 1 since 2010, which offers you to create a secure and customizable payment page, mobile-ready, of course. The customer will be redirected there to pay for an order, and back to your website, when the payment procedure is over.
The next good news is for the merchants from Australia and New Zealand: POLi Payments comes to X-Cart 5. It is perfect for online business looking to offer their customers an alternative to credit card payments: let your customers pay using their Internet Banking capabilities.

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