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Other downloads

X‑Cart 5 Bitnami Installer

Want to demonstrate X‑Cart to your management or board members right from your laptop? We’ve created a special X‑Cart package that includes all the necessary components (web server, DB server & etc) to run it locally. Although, the package is not intended for real sales, all the data may be moved to a hosting later on.


X‑Cart 4 Gold Plus

The latest version of X‑Cart v4 Classic. All features are available within 30 days after the installation. Then you’ll need to pay for a license. Compare X‑Cart 4 vs X‑Cart 5.


Questions & Answers

How can I install X-Cart?

Oh, that’s an easy task. The installation will take you no more than 5 minutes, providing your server meets the system requirements. The video tutorial is available on our Youtube channel. If you prefer a text instruction to a how-to video tutorial, please read the installation guide.

What happens after the 14-day hosted trial expires?

At the end of your free 14-day trial, access to features will be limited to the subscription window until a license is purchased. No worries, nothing will be lost and after the license registration, you will be able to continue where you left off. Also, you are welcome to try any other edition. It’s free. No tech skills required.

What hosting should I choose?

Check X-Cart hosting partners or consider hosting your store with us. Our fully managed VPS hosting can guarantee you high-level security and outstanding performance, no matter what. Daily data backups, dedicated IP, and our pure love are included in all hosting plans by default.

What is the difference between X-Cart 5 and X-Cart 4?

X-Cart 5 is a next-generation eCommerce platform, designed for maximum customizability and flexibility in mind. You will definitely enjoy seamless upgrades, intuitive design and hundreds of powerful easy to install apps created with love by the team of professionals to take your marketing to the next level. Though good old X-Cart 4 cannot boast that ease of use and upgradability as X-Cart 5 due to technologies it has at its heart, it is also great and has a whole army of fans. See the full comparison chart.

What is premium support?

When you need help setting up your X-Cart store, our support gurus are here to give you a hand by phone, live chat, and email. Day and night, seven days a week. Only your mother could love you more.

What is Bitnami?

To put it simply, it is a no-need-to-know-what-mysql-is trial installer for your laptop or PC. Just download a single file with dmg/exe/run extension (depending on your OS), click next-next-next, and you are all set! Go to application to see what you’ve just installed. To enter your store’s admin area, just press the “Manage” button and follow the instructions. Logging in to phpMyAdmin gives you access to your server.

What is the difference between packs (UK, Chinese etc.)?

Good news is that you can choose the pack that matches your location. Set the currency, payment methods and languages your customers are used to and let them enjoy a local shopping experience.

X-Cart trial: hosted and downloaded. Which one is better?

Your X-Cart 14-day trial is hosted, customized and maintained by X-Cart experts from the ground up. No tech skills required, no installation pains, just a few clicks and shoot ahead!:) Downloadable version is more flexible, as you have access to source code as well, that allows you to create custom features. But it's more for tech-savvies.

I want to download Multivendor or Ultimate pack. Where can I find it?

It's always X-Cart Business that you can download for testing purposes. In case you want to test Multivendor and Ultimate editions, create a trial. It's absolutely free for you!

I’ve got more questions than answers. Can anyone help me now?

Sure, contact us here. We’ll get back to you shortly. Ideally, within a few minutes.


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