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Gail Cole

Gail Cole began researching and writing about sales tax for Avalara in 2012 and has been fascinated with it ever since. She has a penchant for uncovering unusual tax facts, and endeavors to make complex sales tax laws more digestible for both experts and laypeople. Avalara is a leading provider of cloud-based tax and compliance automation solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up for Avalara's 60-day free trial and find out how they can help your business grow.

Posts by Gail Cole

Streamlined Sales Tax: How It Affects eCommerce Shops

Even though it’s been around since 1999 and has 24 member states, many businesses have a lot of questions about the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. On February 24, X-Cart hosted a webinar with our partners at Avalara, answering a ton of questions around nexus, SST, and even international tax rules. Watch the replay below. […]

11 Emerging Trends in Business and Tax [2021]

After employees across numerous industries transitioned to working from home, states struggled to determine the tax implications of a newly remote workforce. As eCommerce sellers struggled to keep up with a surge in sales, states that tax remote sales benefited from a steady source of sales tax revenue. When education and events moved online, the […]

How Will the New Rules for Sales Tax Affect Your Business

The Supreme Court of the United States recently issued a ruling that will affect eCommerce store owners. It concerns a tricky topic: sales tax nexus in different states. In the landmark case South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. the court removed the physical presence rule that has long prevented states from taxing sales by businesses with no physical presence in […]

How Your Business Can Stay Ahead on Sales Taxes

For many online sellers, sales tax compliance has never been a simple task even if they are only obligated to collect sales tax in a state or two. But if states have their way, sellers could be required to deal with sales tax in a lot more places.

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