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Roger Martin, director of StandOut eCommerce store shares his thoughts about the way the X-Cart shopping cart helps them grow and sell the latest fashion trends online.

Samba Europe

Shafiq Khan, developer and support engineer of Samba Uk's leading goal supplier, about X-Cart technical support and the active developer’s forum, that provides them with everything they need.

X-Cart gives Chain Supplies incredible flexibility and abilities for on-line trading

Chain Supplies is the internet trading division of Hancocks of Staffordshire. Established in 1952 as a corn, seed and animal housing supplies business. Whilst selling mainly to the consumer market since the mid 1950's and have continued to expand within the areas of wire products chain, and components.

X-Cart powers Chain Supplies' site and gives owners incredible flexibility and abilities for on-line trading. They don't need to think about how to do everyday online business activities with X-Cart. They just do them. Limited from the UK runs X-Cart was launched in 2005, with the objective of selling men’s clothing and designer clothing at affordable prices without compromising service and quality. With a wide product range you will find everything you need to get the look you want. We pride ourselves on our customer service; from the moment of first contact you can […]

Support non-profit Oceania Project

The Oceania Project is a non-profit research and education organisation established in 1988 which is dedicated to raising awareness about whales, dolphins and the oceans through research and the dissemination of educational and conservation information. A major project of The Oceania Project is an on-going long-term study of the social behaviour and social organisation of […]

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