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X-Cart v4.7.8: Facebook E‑commerce, Mandrill, Amazon Feeds, Shipping Easy

Maria Navolykina
Maria Navolykina Author

Here comes another X-Cart Classic version – 4.7.8. Apart from bugfixes, it includes new features and improvements, such as integrations with Facebook E-commerce and Mandrill, enhanced Amazon Feeds module, updated X-Payments tools, and many minor but useful fixes and novelties.

Facebook E-commerce and Facebook Pixel

As you may know, social networks don’t rest on their laurels when it comes to advertising. These web-giants statedly develop tools for marketing to help you boost your campaigns, and Facebook is one of the top in this rush.

That’s why we’ve integrated X-Cart Classic with it. The integration module allows uploading your products to Facebook in a few clicks. So you can get down to configuring your ad campaigns right away with no need to lose time adding the products to Facebook catalog one by one. The catalogs automatically sync to keep your products on Facebook always up-to-date. You can set currency, language, and age group for your feed. Facebook will take this information into account when choosing the right audience for your ads.

As for the Facebook pixel, it allows easy measuring of your ads efficiency to help improve them and promote to people who are more likely to buy your products.

Mandrill Integration

If you’re looking for more control over all the transactional emails sent from your store, Mandrill is a great tool for it. Mandrill provides a whole set of the necessary features to manage your emails – opens, clicks, bounces, and spam complaints tracking, as well as advanced reporting system to measure the efficiency of your emails. All the collected statistics will be available in your account with Mandrill via a user-friendly dashboard.

Revamped Amazon Feeds module

Having gathered a lot of valuable feedback, X-Cart Classic team has improved the Amazon Feeds module. The changes will help you get a more accurate product feed:

  • A new setting to choose which product description should be used for generating the feeds: brief or detailed;
  • Updated Amazon product type categories and added support for product export to the Amazon’s ‘Miscellaneous’ category;
  • Support for search by Amazon product type in default X-Cart product search;
  • Ability to remove an Amazon category for a product in order to exclude it from the feed;
  • Support for ISBN, UPC, EAN, ASIN, GTIN, GCID, PZN extra fields;
  • Support for sale price and 0 values export to the feed;
  • Updated the feed’s API to version 2016-09-21 and fixed PHP 7 issues.

Other Updates

  • Search phrases tracking in Google Analytics;
  • New email notification for your customers: ‘Order tracking info changed’;
  • Auto removal of spaces before/after email address to avoid failed registration and login for your customers;
  • ShippingEasy module available for free in all X-Cart Classic editions;
  • Pay with Amazon updated and renamed to Amazon Pay;
  • X-Payments connector bug fixes and minor updates;
  • X-Payments subscriptions updates: using the saved card to pay for a new subscription, changing the card used for an existing subscription, required login for customers before checkout, and more;
  • Mailchimp Integration sends data on your customers activity in your store to Mailchimp which allows building such segments as Recent Customers, First time customers, Repeat Customers, and Lapsed Customers in order to target the right groups of clients with your email campaigns;
  • Store popup windows resize accordingly upon mobile device rotation;
  • Performance improvements to speed up product import process;
  • PHP 7.1 support.

To save your time, I’ve wrote only about the most interesting updates in this post, however there are numerous other changes coming with this release. You can check all of them in our changelog. Welcome to try the new version and share your feedback.

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Maria Navolykina
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