Malware and Hack Repair Services

Has your online store been hacked? We can help you recover a hacked X-Cart site and protect it from being compromised again using a variety of tactics including but not limited to:

  • Detecting the injected code.
  • Cleaning up the code and database from malicious insertions.
  • Finding server environment vulnerabilities (PHP, MySQL, Apache/Nginx server configuration; security problems in shared hosting; and other issues).
  • Performing security patches audit and applying appropriate security patches to your X-Cart installation.
  • Checking third party applications, add-ons and modules for possible security issues.
  • Setting up secure permissions on files and folders.
  • Protecting your installation with web-authorization (.htaccess) and implementing a two-factor authentication for your admin area.
  • Configuring automated backups of the software and database.
  • Setting up X-Monitoring service for 24/7 website content, core files integrity and server monitoring.
  • Moving your site to secure hosting.

Get your online store up and running with minimal downtime!

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