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Do Not Let The Shopping Cart Plan Limit Your Business Growth

X-Cart is an affordable eCommerce solution that allows you to create a beautiful online store that’s speedy enough to score 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights and go from all F’s to all A’s on WebPageTest. This will improve your shopping experience and level up your rankings in search results.

Thanks to the unlimited flexibility of the platform, you are free to develop your eCommerce business your way, without being forced to pay more — even if your annual sales increase. A bevy of marketing tools and a large team of eCommerce experts will help you along the way.

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Things You’ll Enjoy When You Switch From BigCommerce to X-Cart:

Fixed rates that won’t change — no matter how much your revenue grows

A truly customized website that fits your unique business needs

Seamless homepage, search, and checkout experience

Up to 5x more traffic that your online store can easily accommodate

1K+ tools to choose from, including Facebook and Amazon sales channels

Design templates within your budget that reflect your brand style

Chad Wimberly

And maybe it’s just the theme we started using, but the [BigCommerce] pages load VERY slowly. It takes several seconds to asynchronously load the page content, so Javascript running on a product page may not run for 3-4 seconds after the user lands!

— Chad Wimberly, Front-End Developer @ MOZAY

Look and Feel

X-Cart Makes Seamless Navigation Possible

A positive customer experience boils down to ease of use, which is why seamless navigation is so important. Migrate from BigCommerce to X-Cart to launch an eCommerce store that perfectly fits your vision and reflects your brand identity while allowing users to easily navigate your store. Unlike BigCommerce, with a somewhat cumbersome storefront and clunky admin UI, X-Cart will help you please shoppers with an intuitive layout that is easy to customize.

Affordable Themes Ready for Mobile

Fully customizable, responsive, and mobile-ready, X-Cart templates will look just right on any device without extra coding. If you want something coded, however, we can do that, too.

On the other hand, editing BigCommerce templates yourself is no small task. Sometimes it’s even easier to purchase a different theme other than to struggle for months customizing the one that does not fit your needs.


Get Endless Resources for Business Development

X-Cart allows for an unlimited number of products, staff accounts, SKUs, product filtering facets, API calls, and more. To maximize your store’s stability and performance, you just need to ensure that your server meets the minimum hardware requirements and can handle it.

Although BigCommerce also allows for unlimited products and accounts, it places certain restrictions on many other parameters, largely in vain, as the speed is still lower than average.

Export Definitive Reports

X-Cart’s definitive reporting tool provides stats on best-sellers, top-buying shoppers, most successful coupon sales, and the total number of purchases, allowing you to sort the metrics based on the time period. What’s most convenient is that you can export each report into a .csv file.

Customizing reports with BigCommerce is quite a challenge, as it lacks an intuitive interface that is not quite easy to navigate.

Security & Checkout

Provide Flawless Checkout Experience

X-Cart offers two excellent checkout options: fast and intuitive on-page checkout and multi-page Fast Lane checkout. Both are fully compliant with all of the security standards, such as PCI and GDPR. Conversely, the BigCommerce embedded checkout template provides a poor user-facing experience and sometimes even blocks customers from purchasing for no obvious reason.

X-Cart vs. BigCommerce [Q&A]

Does X-Cart offer a free demo?

You bet. You can either schedule a Demo with our solution advisors or create a 30-day trial. Both options are free! You may also choose to migrate your BigCommerce store to X-Cart in the demo mode. Our team will migrate a limited number of your products, categories, customers, and orders. Then, they will launch your new X-Cart store on our servers to show you how speedy and user-friendly it can be.

How much time does the migration process usually take?

It depends on the number of items you need to migrate from BigCommerce to X-Cart. The actual switch takes no longer than a couple of hours. However, since we want your store to work flawlessly and accept sales from day one, we need a few more weeks to test everything thoroughly on our internal servers and get it all ready for the migration. Additionally, you’ll have to spare some time for custom development if you decide to customize your store’s template before the launch. Note that your BigCommerce store will be up and running throughout the whole replatforming process, except for the time needed to transfer your DNS records, but that doesn’t take more than a day.

Can I use X-Cart to supercharge my charity or nonprofit business?

Sure. Since X-Cart is an open-source shopping cart, it can be easily tweaked to accept donations. It is also ready for international sales and has got multiple tools to help you raise awareness. Unlike X-Cart, you cannot use BigCommerce for nonprofits. There’s just no such an option.

How is BigCommerce to X-Cart migration carried out?

The BigCommerce migration process is anything but complicated. To begin with, you should purchase an X-Cart license that suits your business needs. Then, you do the data migration using one of our migration tools. There are two of them — the one from Cart2Cart and the one developed by LitExtention. They will help you migrate BigCommerce users, product tags, images, options, orders, and other parameters. No coding needed.

When the full migration is complete, you might want to check whether everything is working properly and tweak settings as needed. That’s pretty much it. You can well do it without any help, but if you feel more confident with a professional around the corner, they are just one call or email away. Our replatforming experts will do the migration faster and more carefully and make sure all the custom-developed features are moved. Due to a settled workflow of moving BigCommerce sites to X-Cart, we charge less for the migration and offer post-launch support and testing as a bonus.

I have used X-Cart since 2003, probably one of the company’s earliest customers!! It worked well for our small non-profit organization to sell memberships and some books and other items or convention meets.

— Lewis Schucart, Editor of AOAI Magazine

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