Scalable Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution for Unlimited Growth

X-Cart’s native multi-vendor functionality is designed to help online merchants easily open an online marketplace, where multiple sellers offer their products or services through a single storefront.
All You Need is a Superb Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

Get Infinite Opportunities for Your Multi-Vendor Marketplace Project

Unlimited number of vendors and customers, products and orders – X-Cart marketplace platform has got a splendid capacity to easily handle it all. Besides, you don’t have to rack your brains figuring out how to fit your business into the multi-vendor eCommerce platform capabilities. It’s easy to fine-tune your marketplace exactly as you need due to open source code and tons of ready features for marketing (promotions, special offers, reporting and analytics) — expanded sales channels, handy store management, excellent customer experience and more.

Make It All Simple for Vendors

Easy vendor signup

Along with registration by the store administrator, vendors can easily sign up themselves directly from the storefront. The welcome message on the main dashboard page guides the vendor through the very first steps and provides other relevant info.

Separate Vendor Storefront

Each of your sellers will have a separate page in your store with his logo, banner, company description, rating, products and product categories. Meanwhile, the whole store and all email notifications sent to your customers are branded with your logo.

Separate Vendor Dashboard

Each vendor has a separate dashboard, where they manage their listings, profile page info, logo and images, set shipping zones, methods and rates, get reports, chat with customers. Robust notification system helps vendors manage their products and orders efficiently.

Vendor Catalog

Vendors manage their inventory themselves — add products one by one or in bulk, set coupons and volume discounts, approve, reject and edit product ratings and reviews. They have access to all product settings and if allowed, can update global product options and tabs.

Enjoy Hassle‑free Management of Your Online Marketplace

While vendors have full access to manage their products, the store administrator only needs to keep an eye on the whole process and control the store setup.

See More Returning Customers

Single warehouse implies that all goods are shipped from a single shipping address. An admin sets shipping methods and manages orders, while vendors can only view the orders info related to their products.

In Vendors as separate shops mode, the vendors set their own ship from addresses and define shipping methods, zones and rates. Besides, they can fully manage their orders.

In both cases, a customer pays only once on checkout but, in the latter mode, will need to select a shipping method for each vendor if they offer different options.

Full Admin Control

Absolutely everything in the store is within the admin’s power. For example, updating any vendor’s page or product and even assigning a different vendor to the product. Admin can adjust vendors access to customer contact info, catalog, orders and shipping management and define if the vendor’s products can be available for sale right away or only after the admin’s approval (trusted/non-trusted vendors). Advanced X-Cart reporting system will show you how your suppliers do.

Auto-split of vendor revenue

Commissions and vendors transactions management is extremely simple and presumes minimum manual work. X-Cart calculates vendor commissions as % Off on order and/or shipping total. Due to integration with PayPal adaptive payments, vendor revenue will be split and sent to vendors’ accounts automatically. In case you prefer managing vendor payouts manually, you can set a minimum balance value when vendors can request the payout, and transfer the funds when it’s reached.

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