Success Story About Corvette Store eCommerce Site

Success Story About Corvette Store eCommerce Site
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Hello, my name is John Huffman and I run the project and oversee the team. My primary job is to define the vision and direction of the Corvette eCommerce store. I would not be able to realize the vision without the help of my dedicated support team & staff. They deserve the majority of the credit for where we are today.

X-Cart is the solution that has the best combination of customizable template with a rock solid back end.

John Huffman,
project manager at Corvette Store

I worked in main street retail for many years prior to opening my first eCommerce storefront in 2010. Through my experience, I was able to define what I valued most going forward. The elimination of main street rent, a large staff, inventory, and theft has been a real blessing. Additionally, the ability to work and sell online from anywhere allows me to travel and still be in touch.

I like the look and feel of my eCommerce site. The colors, logo, product placement and offerings are all things I like as an online customer. With the help of X-Cart’s team we have been able to implement exactly what is necessary to make sure the store runs seamlessly and smoothly.

My store has a look and a feel that is very fluid and simple. I designed the front end from the perspective of a user and tried to make it eye-catching & easy to use.

Out of all the solutions we entertained, X-Cart shopping cart solution is the one that has the best combination of customizable template with a rock solid back end. With 7 years experience together, we know we can depend on X-Cart to accomplish our goals.

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