Goat Milk Stuff

I am the founder of Goat Milk Stuff, our family business, and set the tone for what direction the eCommerce website takes. I keep it updated and make sure it reflects our personality and the branding that we have worked hard to establish.

Back in 2008, we were selling our goat milk soap at craft fairs in rural Indiana and I knew that I didn’t want to rely on that venue for sales. Having an internet presence meant that we could sell our soap even while we slept.

Our X-Cart eCommerce store is not just a place for our customers to purchase our goat milk soap (although that is the end goal). Instead, the website gives people a feeling for who we are as a family and as a company and what we stand for. The static pages provide us with a way to share lots of videos and photos that make shopping for goat milk soap an experience and not just a chore. I like the layout of the individual products and the information that we are able to provide in our store. If we get repeat questions about a product we are able to easily modify the product description to answer those common questions. The ability for the customers to leave feedback for individual products is a huge plus.

When I was researching which eCommerce shopping cart to use, I wanted one that was robust enough to handle all the products and the volume that we sell online. Most shopping carts could handle the basic functionality. I chose X-Cart open-source eCommerce platform because of all the customizations that could be added to the website as we grew and had the funds to keep investing in improving the quality of the site.

Website: goatmilkstuff.com

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