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I am the owner of Wishawish and I also act as the creative director. But besides being the founder of Wishawish I am also simply an animator.

Yael Biran,

We don’t have a permanent IT member of staff so having a sturdy system is a must and the X-Cart system has proven itself year on year.

Yael Biran,
The owner and creative director at Wishawish

Back in 2001 when I was just a freelance online animator I was creating eCards for the corporate market. Now I am a great animator, if I say so myself ? (even won awards for it) but I pride myself most on my ability to make my clients happy. However back then I found myself surrounded with frustration, not at my work, but more at the system – the companies who could afford my services could not afford the time it took to create a professional corporate eCard and were always worried it was a bit of pot luck and that the finished work might not fit the image they had in their head. Most other companies who approached me wanted all the benefits an eCard provides, but could not justify paying thousands of pounds for it. I was hearing these complaints so much that I was determined to find a different way.

The Eureka moment came when a client contacted me and after hearing the price said, “Yes, but what if I don’t need it exclusively?” My initial reaction was, “I see your point, but what will I do with an eCard selling chickens after I make it for you?”

But then, luckily, I had another thought… If I got all my animator friends together and we created a sort of a library that will be known for its quality, non-exclusive design collection, we will be able to:

  • lower the price and
  • shorten delivery times massively
  • while not compromising on quality,
  • as well as helping marketing managers to know they are paying for something that definitely fits
  • and generally lowering stress levels. ?

On top of that it will be a lot easier to find another buyer who is into chickens! A simple win-win situation. So I did it – I got my Animator friends together (we now have over 65 different animators from all over the world contributing to the shop) and one developer and that was all we needed. Now, almost 12 years later we are the market leaders when it comes to Corporate Christmas eCards.

What do I like most in our store? Well everything ? But if you are asking about what I like about the service we offer then I would say – the fact that we are not automated when it comes to creating – everything except the purchasing (which X-Cart does for us) is actually done by hand and so the results are awesome! Most competitors simply offer a straight logo insertion, where we physically re-design our eCards to fit our client’s needs. Another unique trait is our variety – we don’t have a ‘look’, because we have so many contributors. Besides that we also offer mobile friendly versions for our eCards and we have superb customer support ?

If however you are asking what I like most about our physical X-Cart store, I would say that the ability to show animations and incorporate popups for ease of navigating through it is the best feature – watching an animation on our site does not take you away from the task you are working on. Since we sell animations, our store is a lot different than other online shops selling goods. All our stock is fun to watch ?

Why X-Cart? For many reasons, but the main three are – one off fee, sturdiness and flexibility:

One off fee: The first one being that X-Cart, as opposed to almost every other online shop – is a one-off fee. When we started off we were very small and we didn’t even know if the service we offered had a market. Even more difficult – our selling season is very tight as we deal only with Christmas trade so for 3 months of the year we work full time and the rest is developments and maintenance but little in the form of sales coming in. Paying a monthly fee for a shop that only pays 3 months of the year was unrealistic for us.

Sturdiness: The ‘shop’ we bought back in 2004 was still running until a couple of years ago! Without any major upgrades, it has only become necessary to upgrade last year – that’s over 8 years of solid working. We don’t have a permanent IT member of staff so having a sturdy system is a must and the X-Cart system has proven itself year on year.

Flexibility: We don’t sell your run of the mill stock. The ability to add extensions and manipulate the system to amazing levels has been super important to us. We needed a system that will allow animations and videos to be displayed, to incorporate popups, to allow for multiple contributes and we have it! And we love it ?

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