Zoffoli Store

I’m the web content manager of the Zoffoli globe company and I’m responsible for all what concern social networks, web communication, web promotion and customer care. I deal every day with the purchases done through our online store.

The idea to create an eCommerce store came when Zoffoli company thought that it would have been a good opportunity to show its products to all the customers who use the Internet all over the world.

What we value on our eCommerce website most of all is its speed, which allows us to work online trying to better our service continuously.

Zoffoli eCommerce store is very rich in products and despite the singular items it sells, globe or bar globe, there is a wide range of possibilities and lines that allows one to always find the right product. The products put on a white surface can easily be shown in all their particulars and features, even thanks to high-resolution pictures. Moreover, all the descriptions have been updated and translated in five different languages so that a wider public can understand entirely which products they are going to buy. It is a very active online store, different, promotions are put there every month so that one can find the products he/she likes with a special discount or free shipping. There is a live chat so that customers can ask their questions freely and in an easy way without sending emails or calling. Someone will always answer to them.

The Zoffoli team chose the X-Cart shopping cart platform for the project and we appreciate the software for all its functionality thanks to which we have our successful eCommerce website that helps us sell online.

Website: www.zoffolistore.com

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