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Apps Roundup: Available for X-Cart 5.5

Anastasia Zhavoronkova
Anastasia Zhavoronkova Author

A few weeks back, we announced the newly released X-Cart 5.5. It came with major architecture changes, which while being a huge step forward in the technology, required changes to be made to all the add-ons we carry in our App Store

So, which add-ons, integrations, or services will work with the latest X-Cart 5.5 as well as the earlier versions? Let’s find out.

All Qualiteam and X-Cart Team Add-Ons and Integrations

For all these add-ons and integrations were originally developed by the X-Cart team (Qualiteam is also an X-Cart brand), it goes without saying that we made sure all of them work perfectly well with the newly released version of X-Cart. 

Here are just some of them that you might find useful:

AvaTax Sales Tax Automation

It integrates your store with AvaTax, an Avalara service that automates sales tax calculation for you. In addition to its numerous features, including automated address validation, jurisdiction assignment, and reporting, Avalara offers all X-Cart users a 2-month free trial period plus handy free tools, like their Manual Tax Compliance Calculator.

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Remove price as a barrier with Affirm buy now, pay later option. It’s flexible, allows for easy order management, plus, it comes with easy-to-implement on-site promo messaging. It’s also a direct integration with X-Cart, so adding Affirm as a payment option is just a two-step process.

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This add-on integrates your online store with the Authorize.Net payment gateway. It uses the Server Integration Method, which means the checkout form is hosted on the Authorize.Net side, and the payment is processed by them, too. It simplifies the PCI DSS assessment for your website significantly.

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The direct integration with the world’s leading email marketing automation system. Connect, synchronize, personalize, target the right audiences at the right time – automatically with Mailchimp. The features include a website builder, a marketing CRM, landing pages and forms, Creative Assistant, and many more!

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PayPal Checkout

It’s not just a payment method, but a full-blown platform to accept and make payments, manage risks and payouts and much more. It includes the Pay Later option for your customers to use, with its own promotional banners and messaging to boost conversion rates and increase your average order value!

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SEO Health Check

It performs a series of tests on your website on a regular basis to check in on your website’s general SEO: page load speed, “alt” attributes and meta titles, crawlability, etc. It cannot be a substitute for an SEO expert, but it’s a great tool to keep an eye on some of the common tasks and reduce the scope of billable work.

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X-Payments and Its Integrations

X-Payments is our PCI Level 1 Certified headless payments API aggregator with pre-built payment and fraud protection integrations and an ability to connect more of them to your website (not necessarily an X-Cart website, in fact). In simple words, X-Payments is a safety layer between your website on one end and the payment solutions, fraud screening systems, 3-D Secure applications and various payment methods on the other end, with a bonus of extra features otherwise considered unsafe. 

Some of these features and integrations are:

Apple Pay

It’s a digital payment method widely used by users on all sorts of Apple devices, from an iPhone to iPad to Mac to Apple Watch. Its best feature is that it allows customers to pay with a single tap. Besides, it’s proven secure and popular, so your target audience would love an opportunity to pay with Apple Pay.

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Google Pay

A similar digital wallet solution available for Android users. As with Apple Pay, you may expect an increase in conversions, customer loyalty, and global sales. In addition to the easy installation and connection process, Google Pay doesn’t charge any transaction fees either from you or from your customers.

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It’s a direct integration with the fully automated fraud prevention solution. It allows to reduce fraud almost entirely and brings risk of chargeback close to 0% by using thousands of data points and every fraud screening technology available to them. It’s important that NoFraud is as committed to approving transactions as it is to fighting fraud. Their algorithms are trimmed to avoid fraud while their experts monitor transactions closely to minimize the chance of false positives.

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If you are not comfortable with fully automated fraud detection or if you have a smaller number of orders coming in, you may try X-Cart’s AntiFraud service. It’s as precise or even more so, because while the screening is automated, you get to decide whether to accept the payment or mark it as fraud.

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Opayo (former Sage Pay)

If you trade with Europe (or in Europe), Opayo is one of the most popular payment companies: it’s secure, reliable, flexible, mobile-ready. The merchants like it because it’s easy to customize checkout with Opayo and because it’s PCI compliant.

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X-Payments has lately been updated too, and acquired new features and its existing features have been improved. Read more about the updates in X-Payments here.

Third-Party Add-Ons and Integrations

A number of the third-party developers that we partner with have already updated their add-ons to be compatible with the latest X-Cart version. These are the ones that work with X-Cart 5.5 now, and we’ll be updating the list as new add-ons are updated.

ShipStation by ShipStation

A direct integration between your X-Cart store and the ShipStation platform. It helps import, manage, and ship your orders efficiently. It works with all major shipping companies, but not only that! With ShipStation, you get exclusive discounted rates with most of them, making it easier to offer free shipping – a great conversion rate booster!

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ShippingEasy by ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is an efficient cloud-based shipping, inventory, and customer marketing solution. Its great advantages are the free plan for up to 50 shipments per month, cross-platform communication if you sell on marketplaces, a single hub where you can manage inventory, send one-time and automated promotional emails, and streamline shipping processes.

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Multi-Channel Sync for eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy by FairAPI

If you sell on multiple marketplaces in addition to your online store, it’s important to keep the data accurately synchronized between the platforms. It allows you to keep inventory refilled as frequently as you need, keep track of orders and payments, sync the prices and stock across all the marketplaces. This add-on automates this kind of synchronization.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by CFL Systems

This add-on allows you to add an FAQ section to your website pages to answer questions that your customers ask on a regular basis. The questions and answers can hold text and images and the section supports full HTML formatting, which makes it easy to customize the look of it. The questions and answers can be grouped based on common criteria.

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1986 California Proposition 65 by CFL Systems

If your products fall under the aforementioned proposition, this add-on allows you to mark them as such, and show your customers a required notice on the product page, in cart, at checkout, on invoices, and packing slips. It’s smart enough to show the notices on California orders only.

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Account Notes by CFL Systems

Add notes about your customers right in their profile. This can help you personalize your communication with them, share notes with other staff members who work with them, track their shopping experience, and more. You may choose to share the notes with your customers or not.

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Address Format by CFL Systems

Use a custom format in your invoices and packing slips if the X-Cart’s default one doesn’t suit you for some reason. For example, the address format in your country is different from the one commonly used in the USA (which is the default format in X-Cart). With this add-on, you may create a new custom template of what the address should look like and it will automatically apply to all invoices, packing slips, emails, and address book.

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Catalog Subtitles by CFL Systems

This add-on helps improve your website SEO by adding extra titles for categories, products, pages and brands. Don’t forget to include the terms your customers normally search for into them!

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Category Second Description by CFL Systems

The add-on adds an extra description field for categories. It’s great because it adds the extra text to the bottom of the page without having to move your products from the most viewed spot.

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Custom HTTP Headers by CFL Systems

If you need to add custom HTTP header fields on your site, this add-on is your top choice. But make sure you know exactly why you are doing it, because misconfigured HTTP headers may have a negative impact on your website.

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Order Status by CFL Systems

This add-on allows your customers to check in on their orders without having to log into their profile or even having a profile at all. They just need to have their order number plus the order email or the billing zip code to be able to track their order or shipment without logging in.

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Webmaster Verification by CFL Systems

This add-on makes it easy for webmasters to verify their websites with third-party services like Google, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex, Facebook, etc.

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This sort of integration allows you to significantly reduce your website page load time by serving images, css, or js files from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) like MaxCDN or TSS CDN. It takes the load off your server and speeds up your website by allowing you to deliver content in a fast and secure way.

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Hidden Products by CFL Systems

In case you want to hide a product from the storefront while still having it available for sale via a direct link, this add-on is the solution for you. It’s a plug-in add-on, so you may switch it on and off with a click of a button. It also allows you to mark products as hidden in bulk.

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Hidden Categories by CFL Systems

This add-ons helps hide categories from your website navigation while keeping them available via a direct link. You may choose to hide the products in these categories, but that’s optional and can be easily tweaked with a toggle whenever you want.

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Hidden Coupons by CFL Systems

This add-on hides the coupon code from the checkout page, order confirmation, and invoice pages for the customer so they can’t reuse it in the future. The feature comes in handy if you use an internal coupon to give your customer a discount but you don’t intend for them to use it again.

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Product Videos by CFL Systems

With this add-on, you can add videos to your product details pages. It’s vastly customizable: you may add an unlimited number of videos, choose to display them in a popup or fit to the page, add titles and descriptions for each to help boost your SEO. The videos can be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or be self-hosted.

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Products MAP Pricing by CFL Systems

This add-on allows you to comply with the Minimum Advertised Price set by manufacturers while still being able to sell the products and services at a lower price. It’s customizable, as most of CFL Systems’ add-ons, it allows you to display the MAP on a per product basis (wherever you are obliged to do so) or even for different variants of the same product. You may add a short message explaining MAP to your customers or even replace the price with a message.

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Minimum Order Fee by CFL Systems

With this add-on, you can limit the minimum order value and charge a fee if that limit is not reached. The fee might be a percentage of the order value or a set amount. The add-on works with membership levels, so you may choose which of your customers qualifies for the minimum order fee.

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Image Watermark by CFL Systems

This add-on helps protect your images by adding a watermark image or text to them. The original images are not modified, and the watermark can be switched on and off with a simple toggle. The watermark itself can be customized, too: it can be an image or some text or a combination of both. You can customize its size, opacity, rotate, choose a place where you want the watermark, etc.

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Testimonials by CFL Systems

With this add-on, your customers can leave reviews about your products individually or about their experience with you in general. You may moderate the reviews, choose where and how to display them, and even define who can leave reviews on your website.

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Membership for Shipping Methods by CFL Systems

You can assign membership levels to shipping methods with this add-on. Your customers will only see the shipping method available to their membership category at checkout, which eliminates errors and improves customer experience. Make sure you have at least one shipping method available for all memberships, to avoid friction at checkout!

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Product Notes by CFL Systems

This add-on allows the store admin to add as many notes to a product as they want. You may leave notes about the product availability, any restrictions, special status, vendor notes, etc. etc. Any of the product notes can be marked to also be an order note and show up in order history.

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Payment Methods Zones by CFL Systems

This add-on allows you to restrict payment methods by order destination zones. This add-on hasn’t been tested with the Multi-vendor add-on, so if you are on the Multivendor or Marketplace X-Cart edition, get in touch with your project manager to make sure it’ll work for you before you buy it.

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Check back soon to see more add-ons and integrations that are compatible with the latest X-Cart 5.5.

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Anastasia Zhavoronkova
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