X-Cart Meetup in London: photos and impressions

Ksenia Emelyanova
Ksenia Emelyanova
, Marketing manager at X‑Cart
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X-Cart Meetup in London: photos and impressions

What the attendees say about the event

Will Hayes, The xCart Store.com

“Yes, was a great event – nice to meet up with all the folks from x-cart and many UK based customers. Some really interesting topics discussed (4.x and 5.x). We plan to continue with our XC5 work and hopefully get something released soon, it was very encouraging to know x-cart are happy to get behind 3rd party developers with XC5. This is good from our point of view, as before I always felt there was a disconnect between Qualiteam and 3rd party developers (us and them) but Tony has managed to change my mind on this one At the event, small groups discussed different topics, so I can’t speak for everyone. In my case, I was mostly concerned with…
  1. Continued development of the 4.x branch, with new update soon
  2. XC5 continues to improve, Tony very confident about it, with more important features added soon
  3. Emphasis on 3rd party developers involvement and support for xc5 partners
Thanks again to everyone that attended and managed the event. Great to meet so many passionate people, all with xcart’s best interest at heart.”

Shafiq Khan, Chamber Internet

“I echo the same sentiment. Great to meet everyone from the X-Cart Team and other fellow developers and well as a productive meeting.”

Alison and Tony, A Triple A Racing

“For us? A great event and well worth the 430 mile (690 Km) 8 hour. same day, round trip Thanks X-Cart Team! PayPal did a very good job of hosting the event, making everyone feel very welcome and ensuring everything was easy and pleasurable, so thanks to those guys too. We met all the X-Cart team members, asked all the specific questions we needed, got the answers we wanted and will work together now in a much clearer way to improve our own updated project plan. Hopefully the X-Cart team have found it a worthwhile trip / event too? We think Will Hayes from Ireland (ahhhh it’s close enough) was the only Non-UK attendee (other than those who work for X-Cart or PayPal) so it was ultimately a UK customer focused event, which is just fine by us!!!”  

Some “official” photos

X-Cart Meets with partners and customers X-Cart Meets with partners and customers X-Cart Meets with partners and customers X-Cart Meets with partners and customers X-Cart Meets with partners and customers X-Cart Meets with partners and customers X-Cart Meets with partners and customers X-Cart Meets with partners and customers

Impressions and conclusions of X-Cart team

Alexander Diatchkov

“It’s so nice to meet our customers and partners in person! It was the first time I attended such a meeting and I should say it was very exciting and inspiring for me. I was told so many cool stories and real business cases that I feared to miss a word ) I’ve got a very useful feedback regarding each of the services and we will definitely use it towards different implementations and improvements. Speaking of the personal experience, we spent a great time with Richard Coogan (wrestlingshop.com) who was so kind to offer us a sightseeing trip the next day. It was so surprising to know that Richard’s business is related to the Wrestling world (WWE) and I even know most of the characters from the “Wrestlemania” computer game. Sweet memories of my childhood 🙂 Moreover, Richard did us a favor and showed his warehouse and explained how his business is working in general. That was a great experience. Thank you! It was also a great pleasure to meet Adam Gray eventually after a long-time email communication. Now if I go to UK and want to prepare a party for my UK friends, “Party Domain” is where I can buy all the stuff 😉 Adam also runs his own Digital Marketing and Personal Growth Blog, and I recommend that you check it out. Marc Gold and his comrade, both representing the inkntoneruk.co.uk shared cool aspects of their business model. I was so fascinated by the approach of their sales campaign! They do a tremendous amount of work every day. I’m proud that they use X-Cart as an e-commerce solution. Hope to see everyone again one day.”  
Richmond Park and deers Alex is the fan of Liverpool Richard, Tony and Alex British M&Ms are so British!

Max Vydrin

“It was pleasure to meet x-cart merchants and developers in the UK. It is always very useful to talk with real business owners about their needs and issues to get more understanding, what we need to do with X-Cart to make it the best open source php shopping cart for them. I hope that this meeting and our answers to their questions clarify our further roadmap and strategy of X-Cart for our UK customers and partners.”

Tony Sologubov

“I was amazed by people from UK X-Cart community. I spent two days in London and fell in love with this city. In London you feel wonderfully just by walking streets or sitting on the bench. No surprise that people living in UK are so magnificent as their capital.”

Alex Mulin

“I was really excited to meet you all after all the years we have had! I’ve “de-virtualized” with many people I worked with since I joined X-Cart in 2002 and this is the best part of the event for me.”  
Shafiq and Alex PayPal Office BigBen photo Make tea not wor

Special thanks to PayPal – UK for sponsorship and hosting the event

The office of PayPal in Richmond is a lovely place. Picturesque view, friendly team, tasteful decorations, wonderful atmosphere. We’re very thankful for the opportunity to host our Meeting in PayPal’s partner space. The meeting and the entire trip was a success, and there’s a personal contribution of a very responsible and charming person, a true gentleman David Evans.  

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