Why X-Cart is the eCommerce Platform of Choice [Infographic]

Placeholder Why X-Cart is the eCommerce Platform of Choice [Infographic]

Selecting the right eCommerce platform is vital to the success of your online business. It’s an important decision, and a bad fit can be costly. That’s why you need to make sure that you choose wisely and fully understand your platform’s capabilities.  

So how do you make the right choice? By carrying out a thorough competitor analysis to see how your eCommerce options stack up against each other.

To help you do just that, we’ve collected all the important facts and stats about X-Cart, compared them to those of Magento, and created this helpful infographic so you can see for yourself why X-Cart is the eCommerce platform of choice.  

X-Cart Infographic

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Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva
Storyteller at X-Cart

Addicted to yoga, interested in philosophy, and totally mad about copywriting. She loves using the power of words to inspire people and help them grow their eCommerce businesses.

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