Why eCommerce Replatforming Should NOT Scare the Daylights Out of You

Placeholder Why eCommerce Replatforming Should NOT Scare the Daylights Out of You

Have you or your friends ever moved to another flat?

Then you should know how much of a hassle it is and how many hazards can be hidden here and there. Just imagine all those multiple plastic containers, traveling trunks, sacks, boxes, and the rest.

A real nightmare!

But if you think that replatforming from our classic X-Cart 4 to a fresh X-Cart 5 shopping cart is pretty much the same thing, you are wrong.

To prove that, I personally interviewed 47 customers and asked them to share their inner fears about eCommerce replatforming.

These fears were holding them back from replatforming their old and ‘dilapidated’ stores to X-Cart 5 for so long before they finally realized that they were, like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills.

Read on and let’s dispel their illusions.

Fear #1: Replatforming is just like a headache drilling your head from the inside


If you think that eCommerce replatforming is nothing but a grab-bag of problems you’ve got no time to solve, don’t worry — we’ll take it over.

We’ve successfully migrated 32% of all X-Cart 4 stores to our new platform. And now we know for sure that the process of eCommerce replatforming is honed to perfection, just like a sharp pencil.

We’ve even created a dedicated team.

Tony Sologubov

Tony Sologubov, the moving spirit and the only leader of the whole team of Alexes migration pros. Drop him a line at tony.sologubov@x-cart.com to ask him anything or just say ‘hi’.

Alex Masyukov

Alex Masyukov, a replatforming expert who will make sure all your files and settings are moved to X-Cart 5 in a safe way.

Alex Shevelov

Alex Shevelov, a whip-smart software developer. He will be there to fix pretty much anything related to migration wizard.

Alex Mukhin

Alex Mukhin, our SEO guru. He’ll check your URLs and monitor your positions in Google.

Alex Filatova

Alex Filatova, a solution advisor. Be sure, she knows how to skyrocket your business growth with the help of X-Cart tools.

Did you notice?

Almost every member of this migration team is called Alex. So if you need any help, you know whom you should ask.

You can’t go wrong 😉

Fear #2: I’ll have to sell my kidney (and then my ear, and my left little finger!) to afford it


Re-platforming has always been rather expensive. But till Sept 5, 2018 we offer special options for all those who wish to migrate to X-Cart 5.

Let me explain.

To move your store from one platform to another you have to buy a license exchange and data migration service.

Our license exchange pricing starts at $99,95 and may be as high as $1299,95 if you decide to change, say, your X-Cart 4 Gold to X-Cart 5 Multivendor.

Data replatforming can cost you even more. The price may go up to thousands of dollars if you use some commercial services.

However, we’ve just launched a massive X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5 re-platforming campaign to bring more success to our loyal customers.

Contact us if you are interested.

Fear #3: I’m good with what I have

Not true.

You can get away without all those fancy-schmancy marketing tools, like email auto-responders or banner carousels.

But I won’t be so sure about non-responsive design. More than 80% of people use mobile phones to check their mailbox. And they even shop on the go.

If your X-Cart 4 store is not mobile-ready, your existing customers will jump to your competitors and Google will downrank your eCommerce site, so that your potential customers will never ever find you.

I won’t be so sure about security.

Although we do roll security patches for X-Cart 4, you can easily let them slip through the cracks.

With X-Cart 5 semi-automatic upgrades (free within the branch!) there’s no chance that hackers might break into your online store and gather personal information about your customers.

And I won’t be absolutely sure about the complicated upgrade system. Whenever you want to add a new feature to your X-Cart 4 store — GDPR, for instance — you’ll have to invest much of your time and money to code it.

X-Cart 5 is fully-ready for the ever-changing world.

  • You’ll be always up-to-date with the easy upgrades.
  • Regular security updates will protect your business from hackers.
  • Mobile design will please both Google and your customer.

Fear #4: X-Cart 5 is not stable, I’m afraid to drive a half-baked car

Partially true.

Five years ago, when X-Cart 5 was rather fresh, we let a few critical bugs slip through our fingers, sorry about that.

However, understanding our responsibility for the growing number of businesses, built with X-Cart 5, we expanded our QA team by 60% and improved their productivity.

Moreover, our automatic multi-level testing system, with beta testers getting first dibs on the newest features, makes it next to impossible to release software packed with errors. Moreover, all the updates are rolled out in several “waves” to ensure there aren’t any major issues with the update itself.

And the fact that the number of bugs, reported by our users, is at historically low levels, proves the effectiveness of this new approach.

Fear #5: X-Cart 5 is less feature-rich

Just the opposite.

There are more than 1000 apps in X-Cart 5.

Fear #6: The new software is harder to customize


Customizing X-Cart 5 is not harder. It’s just a bit different.

Due to its modular architecture and a well-thought-out system, customizing X-Cart 5 software is like playing Mario.

There’s no chance to shut down your site. Whenever you make a mistake, you can just ‘reload the game and resume playing’.

And don’t worry, upgrades will remain easy anyway.

I’m sure your software developers will quickly understand a new code base of X-Cart 5, too. If they know the basics of object-oriented programming.

If not — no problem — we’ve got a dedicated expert, who will teach them to code for X-Cart absolutely free.

Fear #7: New shopping cart is slower than playing tag on the moon

False story.

I’m sure you know that having a speedy website is critical for your business.

It is good for SEO as fast websites rank higher in search results.

It improves user experience, as your customers are not ready to wait more than 2 seconds for a site to load.

And it is a sign of a healthy server with no capacity problems and without the risk of a server crash.

Now the best part. X-Cart 5 eCommerce websites, hosted on our servers, load in just 0,2 – 0,4 seconds.

None of the existing open-source software solutions, like OpenCart or PrestaShop, can give you such results.

Fear #8: I’ll lose my traffic and find myself in a SEO slump in the long run

You won’t. We guarantee.

There’s a whole team ready to supervise the whole process of replatforming.

They know all the risks, like lost positions in Google, abandoned carts, and offended customers, associated with re-platforming.

And they will make sure none of this will happen to you.

Don’t worry.

Fear #9: X-Cart 5 admin interface is so… unfamiliar

It is. But there is nothing bad about it.

X-Cart 5 is a new piece of software, after all. And it should be a bit unfamiliar at first.

Soon you’ll see how easy it is to navigate through the new interface, which is rather intuitive and quick to master.

Plus, there’s an onboarding manager ready to advise and help.

To Sum Up

Still feel scared about re-platforming your online store?

Ok. Now hold off on that for now and go watch ‘Red Forest’ (2018).

It is a 9-star movie, according to IMDb user rating. That’s what should scare the hell out of you.

Not moving to X-Cart 5 shopping cart 😉

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Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva
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Addicted to yoga, interested in philosophy, and totally mad about copywriting. She loves using the power of words to inspire people and help them grow their eCommerce businesses.

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