X-Cart and 5.2.19 Released to Ensure Stable Upgrade to 5.3 for Live Stores

Placeholder X-Cart and 5.2.19 Released to Ensure Stable Upgrade to 5.3 for Live Stores

X-Cart 5.3 was announced as stable two months ago, but yet upgrade to 5.3 has been available only for developers as still requiring more tests and additional fixes.

As a result, we’ve got two new versions, 5.2.18 and, both mainly devoted to the improvement of upgrading procedure from 5.2 to 5.3. Also, the new versions include bugfixes.

Speaking about fixes not related to upgrading, we would love to thank guys from www.netsparker.com/. They revealed Open Redirection Vulnerability in X-Cart 5 and reported it to X-Cart team, so that we could fix it right away.

You can view the full list of fixes in changelogs for and 5.2.18.

These 5.2.18 and are in developer wave now. Just a few more finishing touches… and the updates will be available in merchant wave, i.e. in all live stores. In the meantime, we invite developers to test upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3. As always, your feedback is much appreciated.

P.S: A tiny tip to help you save a load of time and effort when testing — be sure to do backups! 🙂

UPDATE Oct,19th,2016: X-Cart 5.2.19 released.
The purpose of the new version is to fix a bug in upgrading procedure that was revealed during the developer wave.

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