X-Cart Partners with Pitney Bowes to Help You Save on USPS Rates and Better Meet Customer’s Delivery Expectations

Placeholder X-Cart Partners with Pitney Bowes to Help You Save on USPS Rates and Better Meet Customer’s Delivery Expectations

High rates, slow delivery, lost packages and unexpected expenses – that’s how shipping management turns into a nightmare.

But solutions exist! Our new partnership with Pitney Bowes provides you with discounted USPS rates, guaranteed delivery through the USPS, and new ways to finance your shipping expenses.

Understanding the value of the USPS helps explain why we partnered with Pitney Bowes. Let’s break down a few reasons why you’d want to fulfill customer’s orders with the USPS:


With the USPS there are no fuel surcharges, residential delivery fees or address correction fees. The price you see is the price you pay. The statistics say the rest:

  • In 2016, 62% of all residential parcel deliveries were made by the USPS.” (2016 Stifel Update);
  • Shipping with PB/USPS can save you $8.07 on a 2lb shipment (12” x 10” x 6” box) from CA to NY due to dimensional rate charges by FedEx;
  • 39% of parcels are shipped more than 350 miles, making these shipments perfect for USPS.

Pitney Bowes Enhances Your Experience with USPS

  1. Discounted USPS rates
    With Complete™ Delivery*, Pitney Bowes offers discounted shipping rates that bring substantial savings over private carriers. This provides you with additional flexibility, meaning you can pass those discounts to your buyers, or you can keep the additional margin. Either way, through the Pitney Bowes solution, you’ll pay less when shipping with the USPS. Good deal!
  2. Guaranteed timely delivery
    You can be sure that you won’t get complaints from your customer related to the late delivery of their orders. If the Priority Mail label provides a 2-day delivery estimate, Pitney Bowes will guarantee that 2-day delivery. If the package isn’t delivered in 2 days, Pitney Bowes will provide a rebate to the merchant. It’s two-day priority mail guaranteed, and it’s only from Pitney Bowes.

Using your Pitney Bowes account, you also can simplify your shipping management:

  • Prepare and print labels for USPS domestic and international shipments;
  • Create daily shipping manifests to speed carrier processing;
  • Manage shipping refunds and cancellations;
  • Ensure that packages reach their intended destinations with automatic address verification;
  • Consolidate shipping postage charges into one monthly invoice with flexible payment terms and extend payment timelines, eliminate fees and free up funds you would have been pre-paying for shipping postage;
  • Shop for the best rates by seeing which shipping services are available for a specific package.

Special Offer from Pitney Bowes

There has never been a better time to connect to Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping APIs for USPS. Now through December 31, 2017, Pitney Bowes is waiving all Shipping API merchant account fees.

To use the USPS via Pitney Bowes Shipping APIs, you need to register via this link. The process is easy, and once registered you will be able to add your credentials via the USPS module.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company offering innovative technology solutions to power commerce. The company is most known for its postage meters and other mailing equipment and services. It supports more than 1.5 million businesses in almost 100 countries and processes more than 15 billion mail pieces and parcels annually. It allows for lightning fast USPS labeling, postage discounts and features you can’t find from other PC Postage vendors, like a line of credit that allows you to pay for postage, shipping, and supplies through a single account and the only guaranteed Priority Mail product.

*Merchants must qualify for Complete™ Delivery Services from Pitney Bowes.

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