Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are listed here.

1. What is X-Cart ?

X-Cart is a PHP/MySQL based secure shopping cart software with open source code

2. Does X-Cart support PayPal?

Yes, X-Cart does support PayPal

3. How does X-Cart compare with free shopping carts?

Free software:
1) The license costs nothing.
2) You need a decent technical expertise or a hired specialist to install all the add-ons/skins you need and make them work together on your server.
3) When a security patch is out you need to either pay a good deal for the update and making your store work after that, spend days/weeks on it yourself or risk the store being hacked.
4) The hired developers often tend to tie you up the way that you either pay monthly or your store breaks.
5) If you need support, there’s only community which has no particular reason to answer you at all and carry no responsibility when they do.
6) You’ll need a VPS to run the simplest store with almost any free software, which means greater monthly bills.
7) When you’d want to accept credit cards right on your website to improve conversion you’ll need to either migrate to $3500+ a year plan, losing number of your features, or just forget about it.

1) To start you just need to install the basic pack. Then you can extend it with skins/add-ons with one click right from the admin back end.
2) When you need to upgrade/update the store, click just one button and the software handles this automatically.
3) When you need an extra feature you can have us build it or hire a developer you like.
4) When you need assistance, you can choose between community, which is very active by the way, and official technical support.
5) When you need to accept credit cards right on your website, you simply sign up for X-Payments, set it up and go.
6) There is a one time fee for the license.

4. What is the difference between X-Cart packages ?

Check the difference here

5. Can I purchase installation and/or customization services AFTER ordering X-Cart ?

Yes, sure!

6. What payment gateways does X-Cart support?

X-Cart is integrated with all major payment gateways. For the complete list please see Payment gateways supported by X-Cart

7. I already have a merchant account. Is it possible to use it with X-Cart ?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for more details.

8. Can I incorporate this software into my existing website ?

Yes you can. X-Cart can be easily integrated with any look and layout.

9. If I purchase one X-Cart license, can I set it up at more than one website ?

No, this is not possible. You will need to purchase a license for each site you build with X-Cart. Consult with pricing and License agreement

10. Does X-Cart support Authorize.net ?

Yes, X-Cart is integrated with Authorize.net SIM and Accept.js out of the box. For Authorize.net AIM and CIM you will need to integrate with PA-DSS certified X-Payments

11. If I purchase an X-Cart package (e.g. GOLD or Business), is it possible to upgrade to other X-Cart packages later ?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us

12. Will X-Cart run well on web server with PHP7 ?

Yes, absolutely

13. Is it possible to run X-Cart with “safe_mode” PHP configuration variable turned on?

The “safe_mode” disables several important PHP commands, including input/output functions and file upload support. This makes it virtually impossible to run a complex ecommerce software like X-Cart. Our shopping cart software needs input/output functions in order to read the template files, needs file upload functions in order to handle product image uploads. By default, “safe_mode” is turned off on all PHP installations. X-Cart is compatible with all default PHP configurations and most of non-default PHP configurations

14. Do I need to have administrator (root) access rights to server in order to install X-Cart ?

Administrator rights are not required

15. I see that the demo site uses a list of U.S states. We are located outside the U.S., how easy is it to change the list of states to match our provinces/regions ?

You can easily change the list of states/provinces by using the X-Cart Admin Interface

16. I have several different domain names pointing to the same site. Do I need to purchase several licenses ?

If you have several different domain names pointing to the same site with the same content, one X-Cart license will be enough. See the explanation of ONE-LICENSE-ONE-STORE RULE

17. My credit card processing gateway is not present in the list of supported gateways. What can I do to make X-Cart support my CC processing gateway ?

Contact us and we will handle the integration for you

18. Once I decide to purchase X-Cart, how do I get it ?

You will get activation key to register the software under admin back-end of your installed X-Cart. You are free to download the software from our website

19. Is it possible to add options to my products (ie. sizes ,colors, etc. other) ?

Yes, you can add unlimited number of product options to any of your products

20. Does X-Cart allow sale of e-goods? In other words is software sold for download only (no shipping) ?

Yes, this feature is supported by X-Cart

21. Is the software upgrade easy?

Absolutely. Check the video of the upgrade process

22. What is the difference between X-Cart and other shopping carts?

Check the difference of X‑Cart v.5 and PrestaShop here.
Check the difference of X‑Cart v.4 and Magento here

23. I am developing my site at one URL then moving it to another when we go live. Will I be able to change the URL under the same license?

Yes, sure

24. I want you to install my X-Cart. Is it possible ?

Yes, sure. Read more about our installation service

25. I like your demo. Is this how the cart looks before any customization ?

After you install X-Cart on your server, the cart will look exactly as the demo

26. Which platform do you recommend for installing X-Cart (UNIX/Linux/Windows) ?

We recommend you to choose a UNIX/Linux server

27. Do you have any examples of websites that use your product?

Sure. Please check our showcase

28. I want to process orders off-line. Is it possible to have the cart email order information to me ?

Yes, the cart can send order information by e-mail. It is also possible to configure the cart to make it PGP-encrypt the e-mails. Also, you can just log in to the admin area using secure HTTPS/SSL connection and access the order information using your web browser

29. Does X-Cart support different pricing levels for different user groups ?

Yes, the shopping cart software supports different pricing levels for different user groups. You can have unlimited number of customer groups. You can assign a group to a customer, then define custom pricing for each customer group

30. What is the “admin safe mode” in X-Cart online demo on your website? Why can’t I use some functions in X-Cart online demo?

Since the administrator back-end of X-Cart online demo is publicly available for demonstration purposes, we limited some X-Cart administrator functions using the so-called “safe mode”. This mode makes a number of sections and functions of the administrator back-end available only for viewing and does not allow any changes to be submitted. We recommend you to download and use X-Cart free demo if you wish to test-drive all X-Cart functions

31. Is X-Cart PCI compliant?

X-Cart is out of PCI scope as it does not receive, store or transmit credit card data. X-Cart integrates with PCI compliant payment processors that require visitors to enter credit card details on their secure and safe payment forms. If you want to accept credit cards right on your web-site pages you have to use a PA-DSS certified software. X-Cart integrates with PA-DSS certified X-Payments software that provides secure and safe credit card form for your online shop.
Also, read how to implement X-Cart in a PCI compliant manner

32. What about lifetime license and upgrades ?

The price includes a lifetime license and one year of free access to new versions. After the first year, If you want to keep receiving the upgrades, you will need to pay the annual subscription fee, $99.95. The price is valid for one month after expiration

33. I do not want to upgrade between the versions within v5. Is it a must ?

No, it’s not. You may use whichever version suits your needs better

34. What if I don’t pay for upgrades (nor do I upgrade the software) say, for 5 years, but finally realize that I want to get an upgrade?

We strongly recommend to be up to date with the software. However, in this case you have to pay 60% of license costs, but not less than $99.95

35. Where can I find X-Cart 4 Classic and X-Cart 5 comparison?

There is a chart which contains both feature and technical comparison of old good X-Cart 4 Classic and new-generation platform X-Cart 5. You can find it here

If the answer you want is not here or you just want to talk – please contact us

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