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About X-Cart

What is X-Cart?

X-Cart is a PHP/MySQL based shopping cart software with open source code. It allows you to create your own online store in a few simple steps. X-Cart comes with hundreds of eCommerce tools and integrations to configure your store according to the requirements of your business. It supports different types of products, online and offline payment methods, tax and shipping calculation automation, etc. On top of that, it comes with a plenty of marketing and SEO tools to help your grow sales from the very first day of your online store work. Due to open source code, you can fine tune your store exactly as you need.

What is the difference between X-Cart editions?

The only difference between X-Cart editions is in the number of eCommerce tools & integrations. You can see the detailed comparison here: https://www.x-cart.com/software-pricing.html

Which currencies does X-Cart support? Can I use X-Cart outside of the US?

X-Cart works in multiple countries and supports multiple currencies. You can easily change the list of states/provinces of the country in X-Cart back-end. Besides, a special module adds right-to-left languages support.

I’m trialing X-Cart now. How do I go live?

As soon as you purchase X-Cart, you’ll get the license key by email. You should activate this key in your store back-end. Or you can register a free license. That’s it. Your store will be automatically converted to live without any data loss.

If I purchase X-Cart Business, is it possible to switch to another X-Cart edition later?

Yes, it is. As soon as you buy a new license key and activate it in your X-Cart back-end, you’ll get access to the new features right away.

Is it easy to upgrade X-Cart?

Absolutely. The whole upgrading process takes just a few clicks from you.

I do not want to upgrade between the versions within v5. Is it a must?

No, it’s not, though we strongly recommend to be up to date with the software. You may use whichever version suits your needs better and buy access to updates later when you are ready to upgrade your store.

I like your demo. Is this how the cart looks right away after the installation?

Exactly. After you install X-Cart on your server, it will look like on the demo.

Product catalog

Can I set different pricing for different groups of my buyers?

Yes, the shopping cart software supports different pricing levels for different user groups. You can have unlimited number of customer groups. You can assign a group to a customer, then define custom pricing for each customer group.

Accepting payments

Does X-Cart support PayPal?

Yes, it does. View more here.

Does X-Cart support Authorize.Net?

Yes, X-Cart is integrated with Authorize.Net SIM and Accept.js out of the box. To accept payments with Authorize.Net AIM and CIM you will need to use a special PCI Level 1 certified X-Payments service or Authorize.Net Accept.js addon.

What do I need to start accepting credit cards?

For this purpose, you should sign up with a payment gateway to get a merchant account. X-Cart supports dozens of payment gateways, so you can select the one that best meets your business needs.

What payment gateways does X-Cart support?

X-Cart is integrated with all major payment gateways. For the complete list please see payment gateways supported by X-Cart. If, you don’t see your favourite payment gateway in the list, we can handle the integration for you.

Is X-Cart PCI compliant?

X-Cart is out of PCI scope as it does not receive, store or transmit credit card data. X-Cart integrates with PCI compliant payment processors that require visitors to enter credit card details on their secure and safe payment forms. If you want to accept credit cards right on your web-site pages you have to use a PCI-DSS certified software. For this purpose, X-Cart integrates with PCI Level 1 certified X-Payments software that provides secure and safe credit card form for your online shop.
Learn more about PCI-DSS.


If I purchase one X-Cart license, can I set it up at more than one website?

You will need to purchase a license for each site you build with X-Cart. However, there are a few cases when you can use one license for several sites. View details in X-Cart License agreement.

I have several different domain names pointing to the same site. Do I need to purchase several licenses?

If you have several different domain names pointing to the same site with the same content, one X-Cart license will be enough. See the explanation of one-license-one-store rule.

I am developing my site at a temporary URL and then going to move it to another one when we go live. Will I be able to change the URL under the same license?

Yes, sure. You can register your license both for a temporary URL and a dedicated IP while developing you store. When you’re ready to move to a new URL, you can update your license in a few clicks. By the way, we can help you register the domain name.

What about lifetime license and upgrades?

The price includes a lifetime license and one year of free access to upgrades to new versions. In a year, if you want to keep receiving the upgrades, you will need to pay the annual subscription fee. The fee depends on your X-Cart edition and differs for X-Cart 5 and X-Cart Classic.

Getting started

Do I need an already established site to use X-Cart?

No, you don’t. X-Cart is a site builder. When you install X-Cart you get a ready online store. All you need to do is to add your products, choose your payment methods and configure other settings according to your business purposes via a friendly interface of X-Cart administrator back-end.

Can I incorporate this software into my existing website?

Yes you can customize X-Cart to match the look and feel of your current website. If you need assistance, consider our design services. If your current site runs WordPress, then you can make profit of robust X-Cart & WordPress integration: easily add blog to your store or vice versa embed products and product categories into your blog.

Can I add custom pages to the store?

Yes, as many as you need. It’s very convenient to manage the pages content using WYSIWYG editor and you can link the custom page to the main menu or footer menu in a few simple steps.

Can I purchase installation and/or customization services AFTER ordering X-Cart?

Yes, sure! You can get almost any service from X-Cart experts whenever you need it. Check the list of all the services here.

Can you instal X-Cart for me?

Yes, sure. Read more about our installation service. Also, you can go with a hosted X-Cart option. We install the store for you and you don’t need to take care about any server related questions.

Can I install X-Cart on a Windows server?

Yes, you can. However we recommend choosing UNIX or Linux rather than Windows server for your store. See X-Cart requirements to the server configuration here.