Create and sell your extensions for X-Cart 5

Sell your custom extensions to our still growing customer base of more than 30 000 online stores via our single marketplace for convenient and fast modules distribution. We collect payments while you sit back and earn up to 75% from our sales!

X-Cart 5 is x-ceptional right out of the gate, but we understand merchants are always looking to add more functionality to their online stores. Help them – and help yourself to some extra income when you create and sell your extensions through our single marketplace without having to market or even collect payment from merchants.

There are only four steps between you, starting from scratch, and selling your extension upfront all X-Cart 5 merchants and we are happy to help you at each one.



The first step to success is a great idea. Not sure what might be most useful to an online merchant? Talk to your clients or contact us at for help getting started.



Drop us a line at It is free and takes only a couple of minutes. We will get in touch and discuss all the details.

Write a module

Write a module

Creating modules for X-Cart 5 is easy and we are always working to simplify the process even more. To help, we offer:

  • X-Cart 5 copy for development purposes.
  • Great and growing developer documentation.
  • A team of experts available at our forums – ask them a question at no charge!
Get Paid

Get paid

Upload your extension to our single marketplace and start making money!

  • You get 75% of module revenue (minimum payment is $500). Free modules require some additional revenue share agreement
  • Every merchant will see your work without leaving admin area
  • Write 5 or more modules to be listed as a “5+ Modules” in our marketplace

By enrolling in the X-Cart marketplace program you accept and agree to its terms and conditions.

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