Get paid for making eStores look awesome!

With more than 30 000 online stores and a rapidly-growing customer base, is the premier single-point marketplace for convenient and fast modules distribution. We handle the payment collection, you earn up to 75% from our sales!


We love designers! They make the look and feel of our shops look so unique that often you can’t even guess that it’s X-Cart 5. Selling your outstanding theme designs through our single-point marketplace is easy and you get up to 75% of each sale.

  • Join the partner program

    Email us at with questions or to apply. It’s completely free to join and only takes a couple of minutes.

  • Create an awesome skin

    Once you sign up as a partner, we will give you an X-Cart 5 license for development purposes, so you can work locally. And, if you encounter any problems, we are here to help with our designer guides and x-perts you can contact anytime at our forums.

  • Get sales

    Send us your work and we’ll put it into our marketplace. All of our merchants will have access to it without leaving the admin area. Once you write five or more themes, we will proudly certify you as an official X-Cart designer.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.