X-Cart 5.1.4: Barclaycard ePDQ and iDEAL, subscriptions, weight for variants, uploading images in WYSIWYG, upgrade improvements and more

Ksenia Emelyanova
Ksenia Emelyanova
, Marketing manager at X‑Cart

July the 23rd is the date of birth of version 5.1.4. What ‘ birthday gifts’ did it get? A couple of new payment gateways, a free module which expands the X-Payments integration so that you could sell subscriptions and installments, improved product reviews feature, convenient uploading images via WYSIWYG, ability to set weight for product variants, export and import of related products, custom product tabs and a nice widget developed within the work on AOM – we’ve been working hard, and will work even harder, so that managing the store was a breeze, so that your store was nice, convenient and user-friendly, so that you could sell and earn more.

New payment gateways. Recurring payments in X-Cart 5

X-Payments Subscriptions – NEW!

Do you provide services that require repeated billing (like hosting or technical support)? Do you deliver the goods periodically? Or do you need to accept payments in installments? If you can answer “Yes” to any of the questions above, this free module coupled with the PA DSS certified payment application X-Payments could be the solution for you!

X-Payments Subscriptions
X-Payments Subscriptions
X-Payments Subscriptions
X-Payments Subscriptions

Barclaycard ePDQ eCommerceNEW!

A simple and secure entry-level solution for taking payments for the merchants from the United Kingdom. A fully compliant PCI DSS solution: the customer is redirected to the payment page hosted by Barclaycard.

iDEAL Rabobank ProfessionalNEW!

A low-cost and virtually a risk-free real-time payment method to accept internet payments in the Netherlands. Developed by a Dutch banking community, iDEAL gives your customers a trusted, secure and simple method of payment, using their own familiar online banking environment.

Barclaycard ePDQ eCommerce
Barclaycard ePDQ eCommerce
iDEAL Rabobank Professional
iDEAL Rabobank Professional

Nice Little Improvements and a Sneak-Peek at the AOM

Product VariantsUPDATED!

As I can judge by the module popularity, you’re well-acquainted with it. It allows you to create product variants from options, and these variants of the same product can have their own prices, SKUs and stock levels. Starting from version 5.1.4, you can also specify the weight of each variant. This feature may be useful if you’re selling, say, furniture fittings, and estimate the shipping cost based on the total weight of the order.

A single little button makes the life of a store manager so much easier! Unfortunately, it’s not the magic “double my profit!” button, yet, we believe, many of you will like it. No more preliminary image uploading to use a picture in the WYSIWIG editor: upload it with a drag-n-drop feature or select the file on your laptop when you need it – that simple, finally!

Another widget you can see on the screenshot was developed within the work on the AOM module. To find the product, you need to start entering the SKU or product title, and the available options will be suggested right away. The same about the user selections: to find him instantly, start entering the first or last name, or email. So far it’s available within the “Product reviews” module, but it will be a part of AOM.

And since I mentioned the AOM, let’s take a sneak peek at the feature we’re all longing for. Not available in this release, the Advanced Order Management feature is coming soon. We’re fleshing out the AOM module currently.

Upload images in WYSIWYG
Search widget
AOM preview
Weight for Variants

Modules improvements in the X-Cart 5 Business package

We’re happy to offer a fully functional free package, which allows you to start selling online. But for those, who want more sales, more promotional and marketing tools, more advanced features, we offer the Business Edition of X-Cart. For this reason, there are many modules, available within this package only. In this part of the announcement, I’ll speak about the improvements of such modules.

Custom product tabsNEW!

The module allows you to enable additional custom product tabs on the detailed product pages. The more information can the customer find about your product, the more likely he is to buy it! Even if it’s not a sales-booster, the module still does contribute into better sales in your store.

Related ProductsUPDATED!

With his module you can create links between products, so that when shopper views the details page of a certain product, they are offered to check other cross selling items. Previously, you could edit the related products only manually. Now we expanded the feature to work with export and import. Edit your products in bulk, and get more spare time for your family of your business!

Products ReviewsUPDATED!

With this module you can offer your customers the reviews and ratings of your products. Seeing what other shoppers think about the products and store, they’re more likely to purchase the product with you! You can control who can write reviews – all users, registered customers or those who purchased this product only – the latter is the new setting we added with this release.

Custom Product Tabs
Reviews: customers who purchased

Download and Discuss The New Version

Everything we’re doing is for you. That’s why it’s important for us to hear your feedback: how convenient the new functionality is, what features, important for your business, are missing, what else can we do to make X-Cart the best shopping cart solution in the world. Your opinion matters, please share it with us – via the ideas portal or on the X-Cart community forum.