The secret of the “CFL” acronym in “CFL systems”: Interview with Steve Stoyanov and several new modules for X-Cart 5

Placeholder The secret of the “CFL” acronym in “CFL systems”: Interview with Steve Stoyanov and several new modules for X-Cart 5

When was CFL Systems founded? Was it initially about X-Cart modules and services?

CFL Systems, Inc. was officially incorporated in Florida on Feb 23rd 2007, although it started a year earlier. The main idea behind it at the time was to build custom high-end computer systems along with any custom coding needed to run specific software. Having been in the Engineering and Surveying for years I could see how this industry professionals struggle with the mass produce computer systems like Dell, Compaq, HP and such. Running any Autodesk software on out-of-the-box Dell computer is simply a pain.

X-Cart was chosen to be the store front of the company’s website after long research and testing (if I remember correctly it took me about 6 months to make a decision to go with X-Cart). I tested about a dozen platforms and none of them came close to what I was looking for and what X-Cart had to offer.

What stands behind the name of your company? What does “CFL” mean?

Over the years I’ve had many clients asking this or trying to figure it out themselves. I have heard many versions but most repeated ones are:

  • Custom Fast Luxurious Systems
  • Creative Framework LISP Systems
  • Central Florida Systems
  • The acronym has no meaning, it just sounds good

At this point it doesn’t really matter what really stands behind the “CFL” acronym so let’s keep it a secret.

How and when did you join X-Cart community?

I joined the X-Cart community in 2007 after purchasing the shopping cart software. I wasn’t as active as now though. At the time I was exploring the option to use X-Cart on future projects but that was not the main purpose of the company back then.

Have you become a web-developer by chance?

Yes, I think so. Although I started coding in the late 80’s – early 90’s, this has always been more of a hobby of mine. I concentrated on hardware and building custom computer systems and network infrastructures. Well, I still do this – I haven’t bought a single ready computer system since 1995. However, in 2006-2007 I started shifting towards software and coding. Web and eCommerce development became the main service CFL Systems offered. I would like to think X-Cart had something to do with it.

What are your most recent modules for X-Cart 5 and do you plan new ones?

4 modules for XC5 are already available and can be purchased from the XC5 Marketplace. I am working on 2 new ones at the moment however there is no ETA on their release date yet. Most likely these modules will be finished in the beginning of 2015. With all the ongoing projects and end-of-year tasks there is just not much time for this. I am also working on new website for CFL Systems which will hopefully be up and running by the end of 2014.

Product Videos by CFL Systems, Inc. – $65.00 Add unlimited number of videos to your product details pages. Reference videos uploaded to Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, DailyMotion or self-hosted. Select to show them on the page as full frame list or popups list format for easy viewing. This module will take the load off of the website and help customers visualize products by viewing videos uploaded to Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, DailyMotion or self-hosted.

xCDN by CFL Systems, Inc. – $45.00 Improve your website page load time by setting it up to serve images, js and css files from Content Delivery Network (CDN) like MaxCDN or TSS CDN. CDN integration provides fast and secure way of delivering contents to your customers. Take the load off of your server and speed up your site.

Google Trusted Stores AU Integration by CFL Systems, Inc. – $55.00 This module will help you pass Google requirements and integrate Google Trusted Stores on your site. It places the required javascript code on every page of your site as well as on the order confirmation page. Just apply for the free Google Trusted Stores certification program and setup the module.

Google Certified Shops EU Integration by CFL Systems, Inc. – $55.00 This module will help your store to pass Google integration requirements and become Google Certified Shop. It places the required javascript code on every page of your site as well as on the order confirmation page. Just apply for the free Google Certified Shops program and setup the module.

Were there any funny stories or unusual observations related to your work – coding or customers? (Say, what did you do for that “inspired spammer” on the forum?)

Yes, this was sort of funny and unexpected. I did know the client would leave a comment on the forum as he was so happy and grateful about the service. I had no idea he would post in numerous threads I was involved in. I was surprised when all these notification emails started to show up in my mailbox with the same message. I know he did this with good intentions and he was not after spamming the forum.

Do you have a non-programming hobby or is your little princess taking all the time and attention?

Well, right now my little princess takes all my time and attention. I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. But I am lucky that my job is my hobby. I enjoy what I do and I am not planning to change that.

What is your personal goal #1 at the moment?

Since I started my own family 6 years ago, my family has been my priority. It totally changed my life. Unfortunately, there are times when my work gets in the way but I always try to make it up to my wife and daughter. My #1 priority is to maintain health and happiness in my family. Everything else can wait.

And I do not mind a paragraph or two, where you’re bragging about yourself – taking into account your long-term commitment to X-Cart community, you definitely have the right to.

I am a very shy person and do not feel comfortable bragging. However, since you ask I do believe I am a knowledgeable web developer who delivers results. I am open to self-learning and developing because this industry is too fast-growing not to keep up with it. I love what I do and it makes me happy when my clients are happy with my work.

I am proud of what I have accomplished with CFL Systems for the past 7+ years. I follow 4 simple rules which I believe make CFL Systems different from the majority of web developers:

  • No outsourcing
  • No overbooking
  • Reliable quality work
  • We stand behind our work

With the end of year approaching I am looking back and feel 2014 was very successful year for me personally and professionally. It also introduced new challenges with the new XC platform. I really hope 2015 will be even better. For all of us.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thumbing Through The Family Album

P.S. Have a look at the fresh interview with Steve Stoyanov from CFL Systems (there’s some good news for you).

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Ksenia Emelyanova
Ksenia Emelyanova
Marketing manager at X-Cart

X-Cart copywriter, PR and Marketing Manager, I came to eCommerce company in 2009 as a customer support assistant, went on to work as a Project manager in the Custom Development team to discover the needs of e-merchants and deliver the projects that meet their needs. This experience gave me a deep understanding of how things work from both a developer's side and a user's point of view, and it really helps in creating articles with love and care. Apart from eCommerce, I am a loving wife and mother, yogi and aerial hoop performer.

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