X-Cart 4.1.0 released

Placeholder X-Cart 4.1.0 released

Qualiteam software development company announces the release of X-Cart 4.1.0. Over a year X-Cart team worked hardly to offer our customers new functionality, make existing features even better, extend X-Cart performance beyond technical limits and thus keep X-Cart the best shopping cart software on the market.

Here is an overview of major new features and feature improvements:

  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant code;
  • a more user-friendly and intuitive checkout procedure (Fast Lane Checkout module);
  • X-Magnifier add-on module;
  • export/import functionality for almost all store data (products and all related information, categories, coupons, destination zones, users, etc);
  • advanced WYSIWYG editor for product/category/manufacturer descriptions, language variables, static pages, Webmaster mode;
  • support for Australia Post’s Delivery Rate Calculator;
  • support for USPS Domectic rate calculator API 2.0;
  • strong Blowfish encryption for sensitive customer data;
  • System fingerprints: ability to compare the status of the store files before and after modification and to discover which files have been deleted, added or modified;
  • X-FancyCategories module revised to ensure stable performance of the store with large numbers of categories (over 500);
  • support for MySQL 5.x;
  • ability for administrator to act on behalf of other users (e.g. place phone orders for customers);
  • multiple improvements to admin area usability and design;
  • a considerable increase in performance that has been achieved due to decrease of the number of complex SQL queries, addition of a data caching mechanism and optimization of the PHP code aimed at reducing the required memory limit.
  • advanced membership system: ability to assign one or more memberships to each of the products, categories, payment methods, tax rates and discounts;
  • ‘stop words filter’ for product search facility (a special filter ensures that service and link words occurring in the search pattern are ignored when search by individual words is performed – available for English language only);
  • improved product search functionality: a new search option affecting product search by multiple words is added (Users can now specify whether the results returned by a search should match ‘All words’, ‘Any word’ or the ‘Exact phrase’ of the search pattern);
  • ‘tax exemption’ feature for customers;
  • ability to display product detailed images in popup windows;
  • the store admin can define a surcharge for any payment method;
  • maintenance Agent module that enables X-Cart to send email notifications to the store administrator with information about the store functioning during a certain period;
  • store functioning information logging;
  • user accounts can be temporarily disabled;
  • login for specific users can be suspended;
  • disable all products of a specific provider;
  • addition of commission payments can be disabled for partner accounts;
  • advanced management of customers’ credit card information: admin now has the ability to discard credit card information provided by customers saving only the last 4 digits of credit card numbers in order details;
  • a new patch/upgrade center that will allow you to upgrade installed add-ons and non-standard X-Cart skins;
  • support for simultaneous use of more than one user type in one browser session (for example, a user can be logged in as an administrator and a customer at the same time);
  • wholesale prices and thumbnail images for product variants;
  • support for a number of new payment gateways:
    • PSiGate XML interface
    • ANZ eGate Merchant-Hosted
    • HeidelPay
    • HeidelPay.Cheque
    • Bank of America (Web-based)
    • Bank of Asia
    • PayPro
    • TotalTrans
    • Credomatic
    • Secure-I
  • ability to create discount coupons with more options;
  • 2-column layout of the admin/provider area;
  • enhanced control over images location: image files can now be moved to the file system during X-Cart installation;
  • support for generation of manufacturers’ static pages in HTML catalog;
  • multi-language support for the speed bar, payment methods, user titles, extra field names;
  • improved orders/order invoices: customer notes are separated from the order details and included into the order invoice;
  • optimized design of the ‘Languages’ section: input boxes for label values are enlarged for your convenience, description field is removed, ability to search for labels in all topics is added;
  • the store admin can now choose right-to-left direction for displaying text (may be useful for languages like Hebrew or Arabic);
  • customers are able to choose a design for Gift certificate cards that will be sent by postal mail;
  • customers wish lists can be viewed by store administrators;
  • ability to identify return customers and display all the menus so they look as if the customer were already logged in.

Detailed CHANGELOG is available in the private members area.

Also, Qualiteam software company thanks everyone who actively participated and provided feedback.

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