X-Cart Marketplace for X-Cart community

Placeholder X-Cart Marketplace for X-Cart community

X-Cart merchants and vendors are welcome to meet each other in X-Cart Marketplace

29 Jul 2009, – Qualiteam Software company, maker of X-Cart shopping cart software, announces official launch of X-Cart Marketplace after several months of functioning in “testing mode”. X-Cart Marketplaces provides an opportunity for two groups of X-Cart Community, X-Cart based e-commerce merchants and X-Cart 3rd-party developers, to meet each other in one place.

“There are lots of modules, skins and other useful supplements for X-Cart developed outside Qualiteam. X-Cart merchants need a simple way to learn about them. That’s why we created X-Cart Marketplace” – said Alex Mulin, Director of Sales department, Qualiteam Software.

X-Cart Marketplace is a section on X-Cart web-site where vendors can publish information about their solutions for X-Cart and merchants can find useful add-ons for their X-Cart based e-commerce web-sites. Apart from that, merchants can vote and post their feedback about products listed in X-Cart Marketplace. Voting and commenting are available to registered X-Cart license owners only and that increases the value of the feedback published on X-Cart Marketplace pages.

Vyacheslav Pertov, head of marketing department Qualiteam Software commented: “We consider add-ons and skins created by outside developers and designers useful for our X-Cart product because they make it more appealing to prospects”.

Qualiteam welcomes developers to list their add-ons and skins in X-Cart Marketplace.

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