Top 25 Payment Processing Companies [2020]

Placeholder Top 25 Payment Processing Companies [2020]

Payment processing companies – they are virtually everywhere. If you own an eCommerce store, you’d know that your website needs a payment processor in order to become a fully-functioning money-making machine. But how exactly do you choose which service to go for? Which ones are most secure, reliable, and better-performing?

We’ve listed our favorite 25 payment processing services that impressed us in terms of performance, security, PCI compliance as well as distinguishing features. These make great alternatives whether you’re an online entrepreneur, freelancer, or a consumer who loves shopping online.

Note: You may need to create an online store with X-Cart to start using these payment processing tools.

National Merchants

Placeholder National Merchants

Whether online payment, ecommerce product uploads, checks by web, Quickbooks integration, chargeback control or recurring billing, National Merchants has just the right service for you. Since you want to set up or make easy payments online, the company uses the industry’s best practices to process payments and the lowest rates to give an impeccable electronic payments solution for your ecommerce needs.


For mediocre online shoppers, Paypal is a convenient digital wallet, but for business owners, it’s a universal payment processor used by 192 million active users across the globe.

The great thing about Paypal is that it has transparent pricing, requires no contract with lock-in period and termination fees, and it’s incredibly easy to use and setup. Also, Paypal allows for integrations with shopping carts, shipping software, and accounting applications. As for customer support, Paypal offers various ways for contact including email and phone toll-free.

Amazon Pay

Placeholder Amazon Payments

Designed by the eCommerce giant Amazon, Amazon Pay encourages you to grow your business and reach out to Amazon customers.

Regardless of the platform (desktop, tablet, or mobile) customers can use their Amazon account and user information to pay directly to a given website. eCommerce extensions, plugins, etc., name it, Amazon Pay has it.

Google Pay

Placeholder Google Pay

Want to make easy payments using your Android phone? Google Pay has got you covered. Whether it’s in-store or in-app purchases, it allows you to unlock your phone and use it with a contactless terminal to make your payment.

Like other payment gateways, Google Pay allows you to quickly link your credit card or debit card to use when buying something from your mobile device. You’d also be able to track your purchase history and keep your payment information securely and conveniently.

Apple Pay

Placeholder Apple Pay

Users of Apple devices can take delight in the safe and time-saving services of Apple Pay. To pay, you’d simply have to hover your phone over a payment terminal and authorize the payment by tapping the home button.

Like Android Pay, Apple Pay allows you to use your debit or credit card and make purchases online. Businesses can use it as a payment method, as well as everyday consumers. What’s more, your card details are never shared with anyone, so you’re making payments with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac in a private and secure way.


Placeholder X-Payments

X-Payments is a PSD2/SCA ready all-in-one secure credit card processing solution for online stores. It will help you, as a merchant, process and store credit cards right on your eCommerce website, accept recurring payments and reorders.

This service is PCI Level 1 certified and allows for PCI compliant credit card processing which means it takes full responsibility for the online payment security in your store.

With X-Payments, you retain total control over your checkout process and avoid risky redirects. Your credit card form is embedded right into your store’s checkout page, so your customers won’t have to abandon your site to pay for their order. This creates a seamless customer experience and lowers cart abandonment rates.


Placeholder Bitcoin

Bitcoin offers a revolutionary way to make or receive a payment online. To start using this method, first, you want to download a software called Bitcoin Wallet. Here, all your payments are made, received, and stored until you’re ready to spend again.

Bitcoin takes security seriously. Once you link your debit or credit card, you’d be ready to make and receive payments online with no worries of leaking your account information. It boasts a two-factor authentication feature, which prevents account hijacking. Other security measures are also employed, including advanced encryption methods and offline, unhackable ledgers. Another thing is heaps of vendors and users are now accepting Bitcoin payments, which means that a lot of people trust the network with their money. You probably should, too.


Placeholder Braintree

Braintree offers global commerce tools for all types of businesses, mainly for accepting payments such as online credit card processing from any device and any payment methods. It accommodates 130 currencies utilized in 40 countries.

Huge corporation or not, Braintree’s payment gateway provides a hosted checkout experience so you’re able to choose a standard checkout flow or simply make your own. When you start using the platform, you’d enjoy the technology and support of Braintree, combined with the scale, backing, and security of Paypal.


Placeholder Stripe

Stripe allows you to craft payment flows that accept all major credit and debit cards on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Stripe gives you the freedom to customize your own checkout or simply use their pre-built, conversion-optimized form called Checkout. The platform also enables your website to save card details so returning customers can pay with just one click.


Placeholder Due

Due lets you in a low-cost processing solution for customers to get more of what they deserve. Right now, it’s a billing and payment service widely used by freelancers, small business owners and large corporations.

Due is more than just a payment processing platform. It also offers time tracking, project management and customized online invoicing options in more than 100 languages, currencies and tax systems.


Placeholder Square

Wherever you are in the world, Square lets you accept online payments via its innovative products such as the contactless chip reader, magstripe reader, and stand that turns your mobile device into a unique payment processor.

Square features intelligent inventory tools, intuitive point of sale system, and built-in payments processing that accepts payments and deposits the next business day. You may want to check out their employee tools for businesses, which include integrated timecards, smart scheduling, and customizable employee permissions.


Placeholder Bitpay

BitPay accepts bitcoin currencies and processes over more than $1 million in transactions daily. Using a BitPay card, you can convert bitcoin into dollars in a snap.

Similar to Bitcoin, BitPay requires you to download a digital wallet where you can keep track of your bitcoin finances in a single place. It also gives you real security, requiring payments to be accepted by up to 12 of your own devices. The platform also employs Full Payment Protocol, which verifies and secures payments to applicable services, including all BitPay merchant accounts.


Placeholder GoCardless

GoCardless takes you away from the hassles of card processes and allows online merchants to take recurring payments however and whenever necessary. It imparts direct debit solution to startups and small businesses, as well as optimized direct debit services to medium and large scale enterprises.

GoCardless not only allows easy setup, they also automate and track the status of payments made within the platform. You could also integrate the service using their REST API. Best of all, their fees are cheaper than leading competitors such as Paypal.

Payline Data

Placeholder Payline Data

Payline Data is one of the payment solutions that allow you to pay however and whenever you want to – on-the-go, on a website, in your ecommerce store, or through a platform of your choice.

Aside from the fact that it’s simple and secure, it hosts easy integration options, good fraud solutions and various robust tools. Payline Data keeps your chargebacks to the minimum and secures your payment so your transactions are protected from fraud.


Placeholder SecurePay

Owned by an Australian company, SecurePay offers a straightforward but efficient way to pay online. It’s actually a complete online payments solution for ecommerce vendors, providing a number of useful tools such as Fraud Guard, Secure IVR, SecureBill, Secure Frame, and a whole lot more.

SecurePay is unlike others in such a way that more ecommerce tools are up for grabs. Once you have a merchant account and sign up, you’d enjoy security, fast online payments, detailed payment reports, and versatility (can be integration with most ecommerce shopping carts). It supports major banks in Australia.


Placeholder 2Checkout

For 15 years now, 2Checkout has been providing mobile and desktop-based payment services in 196 countries. With this PCI-compliant platform, you can process credit cards, debit cards, and even Paypal payments.

It has a low-cost fee system and charges only 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. To top it off, it doesn’t require paying of any recurring monthly and setup fees.

First Data Corporation

Placeholder First Data Corporation

Probably one of the oldest payment processing solutions ever existed is First Data (it’s 30 years old). It strives to provide simplified ecommerce solutions to businesses of all types including ecommerce, food, retail, and so much more. Being a versatile solution you don’t want to miss, First Data accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and many other prepaid card offerings.

BluePay Processing LLC

Placeholder BluePay Processing LLC

BluePay Processing may be new in the industry, but it has earned quite a good reputation to merchants within a short span of time. As of this writing, they are accommodating payments made via credit card and e-checks. It promises to maintain the highest level of security in the industry, and bills $15 service fees per month.


Placeholder PaySimple

The payment method of the new age, PaySimple claims to be as such. It accepts credit card and e-check payment made on an iPhone or iPad device. To use, you’d need a subscription plan that starts with $34.95 per month.


Placeholder Fastcharge

Fastcharge is an ideal alternative if you are a startup and have a strict financial plan. Reason is, it does not require any setup fee. Also, you’d only pay a fee of $10 for a monthly gateway fee. You’d also like that it takes only an hour (or less) to set up.


Placeholder Paynova

Launched by a Swedish company, Paynova offers retailers 21 payment options. After signing up, you’d have immediate access to its payment services. Paynova is best suited for startups and small ecommerce businesses.


Placeholder ChronoPay

If you’re accepting payments mainly from bank cards such as Visa, JCB, American Express and the likes. Though access to ChronoPay’s services is free, you’d have to pay on a commission basis once a monthly turnover is through.


Placeholder Cayan

Cayan started with the name Merchant Warehouse and then rebranded in 2015 to improve their services on accepting online payments and POS system (point of sale) purchases. They also went ahead and gave access to their near-field communication and EMV chip technology.

Flagship Merchant Services

Placeholder Flagship Merchant Services

For websites getting a high volume of credit card payments, Flagship Merchant Services is an excellent option. It’s an all-in-one credit card processor, offering reasonably low monthly fees for all types of businesses and requires no signing up for a contract. Flagship Merchant Services processes in-person, online and mobile credit card payment.


Placeholder Boku

Unlike typical credit card processors, Boku allows you to go cardless, so you can leave your Visa, MasterCard, or even PayPal account behind. You also don’t have to look for a credit card terminal, as anything you purchase is charged to your mobile network operator bill. Presently, Boku processes payments from more than 4 billion phones in more than 60 markets worldwide.

TSYS Merchant Solutions

Placeholder TSYS Merchant Solutions

TSYS Merchant Solutions delivers affordable pricing and customized rates to fit the varying needs of medical establishments. Aside from in-person, mobile and online credit card processing, it also provides fraud prevention and reputation monitoring. You’d also like the fact that it is a member of the American Medical Association’s Member Value Program (AMA MVP), a program that collaborates with vendors to offer discounts and benefits to medical practitioners.

Secure Trading

Placeholder Secure Trading

This payment processing company prides itself on its flexibility and unique personal touch. Merchants can custom-build their consumers’ online shopping experience, selecting only the gateway features that are needed, to try to make the eCommerce experience as clear and quick as possible.

Secure Trading recognises that building an eCommerce site can be tricky, so each merchant is assigned a named account manager to help them navigate the payments landscape.


Placeholder Merchant Accounts is one of the longest established merchant service providers in Canada, having launched in 2001. Their focus is multi-currency payment processing for Canadian, US and European based merchants. One of the first to provide interchange based pricing, they are a mixture of an e-commerce consulting company and a traditional payments ISO.

Wrapping Up

There could be more payment processing companies right now in the ecommerce industry, but these are the best ecommerce solutions, so we highly recommend that you check them out. We’re pretty sure they’d be great for all your payment processing needs in your preferred ecommerce platform.

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