X-Cart UK Meetup, Sept 29, 2017. Place, Team & Partners are All Set. What about you?

X-Cart UK Meetup, Sept 29, 2017. Place, Team & Partners are All Set. What about you?

Orlando — Chicago — London — Tampa — Chicago — Los Angeles… London again. Whoo! Non-stop meetups with you, guys, take our breath away and make our hearts go boom. But what really moves us forward is the real value you get and your happy faces, so we are not going to stop at that. No way. The next meetup is scheduled for September 29th (Friday) in the very heart of London.

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Lively Place in the Very Heart of London

Penthouse suite, Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire, view

The meetup is going to be hosted in a lovely and dynamic area of London — Leicester Square. It is the very heart of the city (just like Times Square in New York!), so the West End, China Town, Trafalgar Square and a gazillion of restaurants will be just a few steps away.

The place itself is the Penthouse suite located on the 8th floor of Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire Hotel. It offers air conditioning, natural daylight, private bathrooms, and a fantastic view over the London skyline — the London Eye, Big Ben, and Nelson’s Column.

Exact location: Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire, 31-36 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LH, United Kingdom

A Minute-by-Minute Agenda

1:00 pm — start of the meetup, networking
1:30 pm — greetings by MailChimp & PayPal
2:00 pm — Maxim Vydrin, CEO at X-Cart, about X-Cart results and plans
2:45 pm — a short 15 min break
3:00 pm — Alex Dyachkov, Head of X-Cart Hosting & Support, with tips on speeding X-Cart stores
3:45 pm – 9:00 pm – networking, beer & having fun.

Show up to:

  • Have one-on-one conversations with X-Cart team. Maxim, our CEO, will be there, too. Don’t miss the chance to discuss your business personally with him. He knows the answers.
  • Share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, if any. We are good listeners, and we will be there to help you. Try to prepare your questions ahead.
  • Get meaningful insights on building your eCommerce business and powering up your sales.
  • Spend a great time in the very heart of London. The meetup will be held in a wonderful place, located a mile away from the Big Ben, surrounded by seven theaters (Piccadilly, Queen’s, Criterion, Her Majesty’s, Leicester, Prince of Wales, Adelphi) and a couple of galleries.
  • Find like-minded people (or maybe friends!) among our attendees. X-Carters do exchange their experience at our meetups. But it’s not all about business. Lots of fun and positive emotions guaranteed.
  • Meet our amazing partners from MailCHimp & PayPal. They know how to send awesome newsletters and accept payments.
  • And there’s more. Join us for coffee or beer and heart-to-heart talks.

Who’s Going?

Max Vydrin

Maxim Vydrin
CEO at X-Cart

Alex Mulin

Alex Mulin
Senior Biz Dev and
Head of X-Payments

Alexander Dyachkov

Alexander Dyachkov
Head of Tech Support and Hosting Dept’s


Olesya Vinogradova
Project manager
at X-Cart

Tom Davis, MailChimp’s partnerships coordinator

Tom Davis
MailChimp’s partnerships coordinator

Alberto Moreno, Business Developer Manager at PayPal

Alberto Moreno
Business Developer Manager at PayPal

Phil Ward, Senior Integration Architect at PayPal

Phil Ward
Senior Integration Architect at PayPal

Who’s Here to Help?

This time we are expecting the guys from Mailchimp and PayPal to show up to our London meetup. And we are so excited to hear their stories. Are you?

Freddie from MailChimp

More than 15 million people and businesses around the world use MailChimp’s marketing automation platform to reach their customers and grow their business. Our features and integrations give e-commerce retailers the power to send beautiful marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted ad campaigns, and our detailed reports help them keep improving over time. Our quickly growing team loves empowering small businesses, so that’s what we focus on every day.


PayPal is shaping the future of digital payments. As an open payments platform, PayPal works across different devices, technologies and operating systems. They serve 24 million active customer account holders in the UK and more than 210 million worldwide. So whether it’s Android or iOS, online, in-app or in-store, they make it easier for customers to pay and for businesses to get paid.

Free tickets still available

Whether you’re a small business owner, owner of an enterprise project, tech enthusiast or just a dreamer, we want to see you at the event so we can hear your thoughts. Come alone, come with your colleagues or friends. It’s sure to be a night to remember.

Just make sure you reserved a seat. The number of complimentary tickets is limited.

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To sum up

WHAT: X-Cart London Meetup
WHERE: Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel in the very heart of London
WHEN: September 29, 2017 (from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. BST)
WHY: talk to X-Cart gurus one on one, get access to useful tools, and have fun!

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