The #1 eСommerce Enterprise Platform for High-Performing Online Stores

Grow your online store faster with open-source eCommerce software that’s scalable, feature rich, stable, efficient, and affordable.

The Fastest, Most Resource-Efficient eCommerce Enterprise Platform Available

Your online store has to be really fast to stand up to the competition and convert visitors into buyers. The powerful combination of PHP7 support, smart-cache technology, and modern architecture makes X-Cart the best eCommerce solution in terms of speed and resource efficiency. Installed on an average VPS, X-Cart handles 500K monthly visitors without breaking a sweat.

Unmatched in Features, Unrivaled in Flexibility

X-Cart is the most feature-rich open-source eCommerce enterprise platform on market now. Any feature or integration you could want is likely already built into X-Cart or it can be added from X-Cart Marketplace in a single click.

The Best eCommerce Platform For Developers: the most payment gateways, extensions, features, developers, shipping carriers, and more.
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Stability: the Key to Any Successful Online Business

All the bells and whistles don’t matter if your store is buggy and unreliable. State-of-the-art QA procedures and tools allow X-Cart to have few-to-zero bugs. This stability (and a 99.9% uptime) makes X-Cart the best enterprise eCommerce software available.

Content Management Without the Hassle

With X-Cart you’re in complete control of your content and site structure. Save time and bulk edit your products and categories using our intuitive interface. Add customer-centric content by seamlessly integrating your blog into your X-Cart store. Anything is possible with X-Cart.

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100% Mobile-Optimized and SEO-Ready from Day One

X-Cart lets you create an online store that looks beautiful  and functions smoothly on smartphones and tablets. This 100% mobile optimization is good for not only customers but your Google ranking. But don’t stop there, enjoy the whole X-Cart array of advanced SEO tools to increase ranking and visibility for your store.

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eCommerce Software Upgrades and Updates Made Easy

Performing software upgrades and updates has always been a nightmare. Not so with X-Cart with its modular architecture! Upgrades and updates to X-Cart software are far easier than those of other eCommerce enterprise solutions. Just follow the directions, and with a few clicks from the admin area, you’re up to date and never lagging behind competitors.

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Enterprise-Level Open-Source eCommerce Means Absolute Freedom

Don’t limit your eCommerce business to the number of features SaaS platform providers give you. Choose unlimited customization possibilities with X-Cart. Whether you need to generate a new complex report or automate something, X-Cart can develop it.

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Get Any Custom Feature Specific to Your Business

If existing platforms don’t meet your needs, don’t settle for less! Work with our professional development team to create a customized eCommerce enterprise solution that does what you want it to do.

Work Smart with Advanced Order Management

Need to edit an order? No problem! You can easily add or remove items from any existing order. With X-Cart’s advanced order-management system, you’re in full control of your customer experience. From adding gift certificates to advanced shipping and tracking modules, we’ve got you covered with our enterprise-level platform.

Enjoy Unlimited Expansion: Create a Mall with Multiple Domains

When one storefront is just not enough, multiply or diversify your eCommerce store! Use X-Cart’s multi-domain software solution. It provides the ability to aggregate products and merchants in one mall-like store where you’re making sales via unlimited different storefronts.

Upskill Your Team with Our Training and Coaching

You’re an entrepreneur not a trainer, but you still need to get your team up to speed. Let our professional team with 12 years of experience in development and eCommerce help you with training and coaching your staff. We can also evaluate your process to increase your conversion rate and sales.

Boost Revenue with Extended Functionality

Tired of your competitors attracting customers with cool functionality that you store doesn’t have? Never again. Use our cutting-edge extensions and wide range of features to increase your traffic, improve the user experience, and grow your sales.

Keep It All Safe: Secure Payments Certified PCI Compliant

Security of financial and personal data has never been more important. Make purchasing on your eCommerce site a safe process. Using X-Cart’s dedicated SSL certificate and PCI-compliant certified solution will give both you and your customers peace of mind in the purchase process.

Experience the Ultimate in Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and first-rate servers mean that our reliable hosting environment rivals the speed of SaaS eCommerce software platforms.

Eliminate Worry with Dedicated Support and Maintenance

There’s no need to find a developer every time you have an issue or idea. Our expert support team can handle your requests and maintain your eCommerce store and servers.

Zero Transaction Fees. Always.

Unlike other eCommerce enterprise platforms, we don’t punish you for growing your sales. Pay a one-time annual fee and forget about all of those transaction fees adding up and diminishing your revenue.

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