Top Secret Recipes

Our business has origins back to 1987 when Todd Wilbur began creating original clone recipes of America’s favorite foods. He made a clone recipe for a famous cookie and it tasted really good. Then he made a whole lot of clone recipes for more brand-name foods and put them all in a book. In 1993 “Top Secret Recipes” went onto the New York Times bestseller list. This surprising success led to appearances on several popular TV and radio shows.

In 1996 Todd decided to design an eCommerce website, which was at the time an emerging medium. He figured it might be a good way to offer support for the books along with additional recipes plus other features that can’t be found anywhere else. Our web designers suggested we use X-Cart shopping cart software to sell our cookbooks, spices, and recipes online and this eCommerce solution became one of the ingredients of our success. What I like most of all in our X-Cart store is the ability to create coupons, keep track of customer sales, and edit specific products.

According to the Wall Street Journal, our website with its eCommerce portion powered by X-Cart won scores of awards and became the 7th most popular food-related site on the Web.


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