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I’ve worked at Intel Corp for the past 14 years and at FedEx for a few years before that, in various roles, including software development and management. I recently left Intel to pursue my venture in e-commerce (, to address the online needs of the local food/produce industry in the US, among others.

My company has been using X-Cart custom development and other services on a continuous basis, for more than 4 years, for 100+ project engagements, totaling ~$95,000 (US).

Jatin Patro

We are very impressed with the skill set and quality of work from this team and our overall experience has been extremely positive all these years.

Jatin Patro,
Founder/Owner of SharedMall

Our customization requirements have been quite complicated on most occasions. Be it a 3rd party API integration or an overhaul of a foundational element in the shopping cart, all our requirements have been met and your customization team has exceeded our expectations in most cases. We are yet to come up with a requirement that this team can not implement! We are very impressed with the skill set and quality of work from this team and our overall experience has been extremely positive all these years.

Beyond customization we have also utilized your design and hosting services on multiple occasions. Your teams have consistently demonstrated the work ethic needed to preserve confidential and proprietary content (we have a few patents pending in related areas) that was a key consideration when we first engaged with your company.

Your help desk, prompt communications, requirements collection process, and everything we have experienced during these past few years make it very easy for us to work with you in the most efficient manner with minimum distractions. Your company excels in professionalism and expertise across the board, and is our first choice for all future work. We are now using your company as the default choice for our growing hosting and other service needs, and have started recommending your company to others as well.

Kudos to you for running such a fine organization and raising the bar for your competitors!

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