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Choosing a Custom eCommerce Solution

eCommerce business owners need to be able to customize and configure their online stores to suit their needs and attract target customers. But finding an eCommerce platform that allows for customizations and integrations—and provides needed assistance to achieve success—can be challenging. In this pillar page, we’ll look at the configurability and customization options that businesses typically want, and how X-Cart fills those needs.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Custom eCommerce Platform

  • If you’re an existing offline business moving into the eCommerce space, can the platform help you adapt existing processes and workflows to the online system? Moving online can be a major hurdle. Ask potential vendors if they’ve helped other customers make the switch, and find out what kind of support they offer.

  • Does the vendor have a good track record? Will they be there long-term to support your business? Remember, you’re beginning a long-term partnership. Look for a provider that’s been around for a while, read reviews, and talk to their other customers to get a third-party perspective.

  • Will you have access to API, HTML, JavaScript and/or CSS if needed? If access to coding and design is important to you and your team, ensure that you’ll be able to make changes manually as needed.

  • Do they provide the add-on apps and integrations your business needs? Have a list in hand and ask about the specific services you know you’ll need.

  • After the initial design and launch, how easily will you be able to make small design changes/tweaks? Find out whether you’ll have to do this manually or if their team will be available to assist.

  • Does the platform provide in-house support for customizations, or would you need to rely on a third party? Bringing in third-party services can be helpful, but could add costs, stress, and communication problems.

  • Does the platform provide the customization options you need? Do they offer support as you develop a strategy and implement a new design? Think about what you want to achieve with your online store and make sure your vendor of choice can provide the templates, features, and design support you want.

  • Do they charge transaction fees? Find out how much—and whether or not they increase the fees along with the number of SKUs in your store.

  • Are there any bundles specific to a particular niche or vertical? For example, if you’re a multi-vendor store, find out if they cater to your needs.

  • Does the platform use open source coding or a proprietary language? Some providers use proprietary programming languages that require specific expertise to manage.

Why X-Cart

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21 years of experience in eСommerce

With 24/7 support and advice included and an excellent long-term track record, X-Cart is a dependable solution for eCommerce owners.

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Personalized support as you create a strategy and build your site

Our team is available at every stage, from strategy development to later updates.

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Unlimited scalability

You can’t outgrow X-Cart, no matter how much or how rapidly your business grows.

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Support for offline businesses moving into eCommerce

We’ve helped many customers move their existing business processes online.

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Pre-designed, professionally developed themes and templates, plus customization options such as dropdown and pop-up menus

Make your store look exactly how you want it.

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Option to add helpful apps, including CloudSearch, payment integrations, and more

Need a specific add-on or integration? Chances are, we have it—and if not, we can build it.

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Access to backend development

For those who want to make their own changes and updates, X-Cart allows access to development with API, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

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In-house design and development teams provide streamlined support

You won’t need to endure the headaches of consulting with multiple third parties to achieve the results you want.

Ruslan Iskhakov
Ruslan Iskhakov Engineering Manager

Ruslan is an Engineering Manager at X-Cart with over a decade of experience in building software for eCommerce.

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