Webinars & Videos

Webinars & Videos

Alex Dyachkov

X-Cart Security and Performance Optimization: Webinar Recording, PDF-slides, PHP 7 Patches & Dirty Cow

Here's the webinar recording tailored specifically for those who missed both our September Meetup and the webinar two weeks ago. The tools and tips I shared in this video should significantly improve the security level of your server and speed up your web store. It's really worth watching!

Helen Tarkhanova

Webinar Video: ‘Easy way to capture Chinese e-market’. Webinar with KK Chen, VP of Pilibaba

China appears to be 'terra incognita' for outlandish merchants. Dongkai KK Chen, VP of International Business at Pilibaba, will share his own staggering experience in winning Chinese hearts and minds. He will also give you 6 tips, which could help you to blow up Chinese market.

Anna Shvetsova

2016 Sales Tax Changes – Webinar with Avalara

For most online merchants, collecting sales taxes is a fundamental part of doing business. And while sales taxes may be different in every single jurisdiction, what they have in common is a tendency to change. Lawmakers love tinkering with sales taxes, and this year is no exception. Learn more about both federal and state changes at our upcoming webinar,The Online Seller's Guide to 2016 Sales Tax Changes.

Ksenia Emelyanova

Webinar video: Take Control of Your Shipping Costs (with Jose Li from 71 Lbs)

Spend 30 minutes with Jose Li, CEO and Founder of 71lbs, to learn about key shipping and logistics insights that will save your business time and money without changing your current shipping process.

Ksenia Emelyanova

VIDEO of SEO Webinar with 2 experts! How Stijn increased the organic traffic by 500% and how Mike made us #1 in Google for two hottest search queries

One of the best webinars of ours. TWO gurus, and each of them has an amazing success story, an SEO case study worth your attention. Two experts, speaking about building the organic traffic, the most valuable traffic you can dream of: long-lasting, highly-targeted and free.

Ksenia Emelyanova

Webinar video: Creating payment gateway integration for X-Cart 5: the 3rd webinar with Tony Sologubov on August, 21st 2014

This webinar continues the series of online seminars for X-Cart 5 developers. During the upcoming presentation we will show how you can create a typical payment gateway integration in X-Cart 5. While the webinar is on air, Tony will be implementing Dwolla as an example.

Ksenia Emelyanova

Video record of the Webinar with PayPal: Cut Costs on Your Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing rates and fees are complicated with lots of fine print. But one thing is for sure. You likely feel that you are paying much more than the "super low"advertised rate from your current provider. This webinar discusses 7 common mistakes online businesses make when selecting a payment processor, along with tips on how to cut your costs.

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