X-Cart 4.1.9 released and announced

Placeholder X-Cart 4.1.9 released and announced

9 Oct 2007, – Qualiteam Software Ltd. company, a provider of e-commerce software solutions, used by tens of thousands online merchants in 111 countries worldwide, released a new version of X-Cart v 4.1.9. New release of X-Cart features further improvements in core functions, payment modules and addons.

The major changes between v4.1.8 and v4.1.9 are:

  • Completely re-worked X-Magnifier add-on, see below for details.
  • Improved installation wizard now suggests solutions.
  • HTML meta keywords and description tags moved above JavaScript code for SEO purposes.
  • Shipping Label Generator module has been updated (USPS labels retrieval, code refactoring).
  • Major improvement in online payment processing security. 3DSecure transactions support enabled in the following modules:
    • eSelect Plus. Transaction API
    • iDEB
    • Caledon
    • eSec.Direct
    • eSec.ReDirect
    • WebCraft/Transactium
    • PayFlow Pro (via PayFlow FPS)
    • Authorize.NET
    • PsiGate
    • Netbilling
    • USA ePay

Qualiteam Software announces a new version of X-Magnifier add-on, which features usability and performance improvements, including:

  • A completely stretchable zoom window.
  • Improved usability (scaling images with mouse scroll wheel button, “fit to page” button, thumbnail management interface in admin zone).
  • Customizable zoom window (two predefined skin sets come with the add-on out-of-the-box).
  • Improved performance (46% less memory needed).

For detailed changes description see the CHANGELOG file, which is included into X-Cart installation package, or can be downloaded from the File Area section of your Support Help Desk account.

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