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Alexander Mulin

X-Cart 4.1.9 released and announced

9 Oct 2007, – Qualiteam Software Ltd. company, a provider of e-commerce software solutions, used by tens of thousands online merchants in 111 countries worldwide, released a new version of X-Cart v 4.1.9. New release of X-Cart features further improvements in core functions, payment modules and addons. The major changes between v4.1.8 and v4.1.9 are: […]

Alexander Mulin

X-Cart 4.1.8 released and recommended for use on production e-commerce web sites

Qualiteam Software recommends X-Cart users to install X-Cart v4.1.8 4 July 2007, – Qualiteam Software Ltd. company, the provider of e-commerce software solutions used by tens of thousands online merchants in 111 countries worldwide, released X-Cart v 4.1.8 and declared it “the recommended X-Cart platform for use on live e-commerce shops”. X-Cart v4.1.8 contains a […]

Alexander Mulin

X-Cart v4.1.7 released

26 Apr 2007, - "Qualiteam Software" company, a software development company specializing in e-commerce and online shopping solutions, released v4.1.7 of X-Cart, shopping cart software used in more than 111 countries worldwide by thousands of web-masters and online merchants.

Alexander Mulin

Shirt Studio inspires the “Italian shirt store” feeling in online visitors

X-Cart helps Shirt Studio owners to inspire the "Italian shirt store" feeling in their online visitors with help proper front-end design. In terms of back-end functionality they can do our everyday operations without any hassle.

Alexander Mulin

Certified integration of Google Checkout with X-Cart

Qualiteam Software becomes a Google Checkout E-Commerce partner 8 Dec 2006, – Qualiteam Software has completed a certified integration of Google Checkout with X-Cart shopping cart. “It took three months to get X-Cart shopping cart certified and now it completely meets the requirements set by Google Inc for its E-Commerce partners. We are pleased to […]

Alexander Mulin

X-Cart 4.1.0 released

Qualiteam software development company announces the release of X-Cart 4.1.0. Over a year X-Cart team worked hardly to offer our customers new functionality, make existing features even better, extend X-Cart performance beyond technical limits and thus keep X-Cart the best shopping cart software on the market. Here is an overview of major new features and […]

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