Move Your eCommerce Website
From Shopify To X-Cart

Switching from Shopify to X-Cart will bring you

  • Easily customizable and
    tunable working environment
  • No limitations on number of
    products or admin accounts
  • Flexible payment processing options, no transaction fees
  • 24/7 technical and customer
    support for users of any X-Cart edition
  • Excellent bargain: top Shopify features for $3600/yr equal of those of X-Cart Business Edition for $495 total
  • Multi-vendor/marketplace feature out-of-the-box

What we are migrating

  • Products Products
  • Product categories Product
  • Coupons Coupons
  • Manufacturers Manufacturers
  • Customers Customers
  • Orders Orders
  • Taxes Taxes
  • Reviews Reviews
  • Multistore Multistore
  • Multiple Languages Multiple