Migrate Your Shopify eCommerce Website To X-Cart

Get Unlimited Flexibility With the Solution That Is 700% More Cost-Efficient Than Yours

X-Cart provides a flexible yet very stable eCommerce engine that can suit not only SMB but enterprise-level online stores, too, at a very competitive price.

Feature-rich and out-of-the-box, the X-Cart shopping cart can be trimmed to work exactly as you need, with one-click app installs and a full crew of experienced specialists available on demand.

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Switching From Shopify to X-Cart Will Bring You

An easily customizable and tunable working environment

Better navigation and UX — both for you and your customers

No transaction fees or limitations on admin accounts

Excellent bargain: X-Cart is 7x more affordable than Shopify

A Multi-Vendor Marketplace feature out-of-the-box

All the essential resources for developers such as API docs

Pros of a customizable eCommerce platform

With a customizable platform on board, it’s you who chooses how to accept payments and ship products to customers — not your platform provider.

Your choice will rarely be limited to the number of apps available in the App Store. Looking to set up custom pricing or try a new marketing trick? Go on, do it.

While your out-of-the-box platform may suit your needs at the start, you’ll inevitably outgrow it. Flexible platforms like X-Cart will evolve as long as your business evolves.

Integrating an open-source shopping cart with other complex systems (e.g., accounting and reporting tools) is a piece of cake. Forward-looking SaaS platforms like Shopify also offer ready integrations with such systems, but your choice is still limited.

No specific restrictions on the traffic volumes, number of products, images and video content. Customizable eCommerce platforms, such as X-Cart, are easily adjusted to your unique business requirements.

X-Cart has everything you need to build a truly personalized shopping experience with a unique look and feel. You simply can’t do that with Shopify, which is why the majority of their online stores look incredibly similar.

Stephen Steinberg

Shopify doesn’t have much native functionality, and you must pay for third-party apps for somewhat normal features. Naturally, third-party apps aren’t always perfectly integrated into websites.

— Stephen Steinberg, Founder @ Raw Athletics

Look and Feel

Get Your Creativity Flowing With One of X-Cart Templates

Our robust eCommerce shopping cart will never limit your creativity as it comes with a number of fully customizable responsive themes primed for SEO and mobile. Shopify often limits that creativity, and in some cases, doesn’t even allow you to change the font color on your homepage. With X-Cart, the sky’s the limit for your creative ideas.

Create an Optimized User Experience

Crafting a frictionless user experience is a must in 2020. With users complaining about unclear navigation and an overloaded interface, Shopify can often fall short. With X-Cart, smooth navigation is not an issue at all.

I really didn’t like Shopify’s user experience. It was old, outdated, ugly, difficult to navigate.

Shopify store owner

Payment Processing & Data Security

Accept Payments Anywhere

With X-Cart, you are automatically set up to accept all major payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and even bitcoins as soon as you launch your online store.

It’s wrong to think that Shopify will let you do the same — although they promise that to you at checkout. The thing is that Shopify Payments are available only in the US, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and just 12 other countries. That’s it.

Get Rid of Any Hidden Fees

You’ll never find hidden fees with X-Cart. At Shopify, there is a 0.5-2% commission fee per each transaction, which should be added to the price of your products.

Unlimited Staff Accounts For Better Security

X-Cart software has an unlimited number of staff accounts. Not only is that convenient, but also safe.

Since the number of staff accounts is limited to 15 on almost all the Shopify plans except Shopify Plus, staff members have to use the same login, which is in no way secure. If someone quits, you have to change the login info everyone uses.

X-Cart vs Shopify [Q&A]

Does X-Cart offer a free demo?

Yes. Migration from Shopify to X-Cart, just like the migration to any other platform, is a big commitment. While we’re confident you’ll love the features and benefits of X-Cart, we understand that you’ll want to thoroughly explore the new platform before making the switch. Set up a free demo with one of our solution advisors to find out more about the platform’s capabilities.

Is there a version for developers?

Unlike Shopify, which offers commercial plans only, X-Cart has a free edition that you can download and install on your server. It’s perfect for developers who prefer to test the software before using it for real sales.

Does X-Cart offer a demo migration?

Yes, there is such an option. We transfer a limited number of products, categories, and users. But that’s usually quite enough to see how your store will look like when the full migration from Shopify to X-Cart is done.

Can I migrate from Shopify to X-Cart without putting my business on hold?

Absolutely. The replatforming process is performed on our testing servers, so your website will stay up throughout the entire migration process. You won’t lose a sale.

Note: Updating the DNS records for your domain may take up to 48 hours. But that’s inevitable regardless of the platform you choose to migrate to. You’ll have to deal with it anyway.

How is the store migration carried out?

The process is rather straightforward. First, you purchase the X-Cart license and install the software. Then, the data migration process starts. This task should be easy, as this is an automated migration done with the help of the Shopify to X-Cart Migration app.

When the full migration is complete, we recommend testing it out thoroughly. Be sure to check everything — product descriptions, tax settings, SEO, search and filtering. Configure the storefront, upload your logo, and tweak the theme to your liking. Finally, set up your shipping and payment methods.

Check out our step-by-step guide to shopping cart migration >> (opens in new tab)

You can as well defer this task to our replatforming experts, who will switch your Shopify store to X-Cart faster, do the post-launch testing, and support your new store for at least three months to make sure all is going well.

Is there a SaaS version of X-Cart?

X-Cart is a lot like SaaS, but more flexible. Hosted on lightning-fast servers and specially configured to work with X-Cart software, our cloud version delivers unmatched performance and ensures your website is up 99.99% of the time.

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